22-25 June – Phrontesterion in The UglyDuck ‘Real Virtual’

Come to Bermondsey, to the Ugly Duck warehouse for ‘Real Virtual’ show of artists exploring alternative realities through art and technology  and on the 1st floor for 4 days ( 5pm-9pm-10pm close, Sunday 1pm-6pm closing ) I am inside the Phrontesterion, its second showing in London this year – you need to take part one at a time, allow 25 minutes if its busy. A new brainwave triggered interactive sound experience with your eyes closed in a dentist chair,, using flashing lights so not suitable if you have migraines ever or photosensitive epilepsy.


Open Senses symposium

This friday 19th May I am showing my syncretic, participatory artwork in its latest version ‘The Phronteserion’ between 3 and 9pm in The Institute of Philosophy, Bloomsbury, London.

The Open Senses Symposium brings together an interdisciplinary group of practitioners and artists exploring sensory practice. The event features exhibition stalls, panel discussions, pop-up talks and experiences showcasing work in academia, inclusive practice, scent, food, medicine, theatre, music, law, restaurants, typography, dance … and more @OpenSensesUK

The goal of the Symposium is to challenge, demonstrate and interrogate how sensory practice is capable of building greater connection to the world, our environment, the people around us and ourselves, 

Phrontesterion RA

In this interactive, participatory artwork #The_Phrontesterion, the EEG entirely controls the soundtrack in a feedback loop – the brainwaves of participants are monitored whilst experiencing a dynamically choreographed stroboscopic wellness lamp. As well as this a ‘#Dreamachine’ sets the tempo – this classic kinetic sculpture spinning atop a record player invoking the phenomena Flicker (brainwaves slow to 8-10 hz cycles) via a process of simple neurofeedback. Emergent sonic-guides and voices recede, new ideas come to the fore, in a secluded space, importantly with their eyes closed, reclined in an air-pumped dentist chair, they float back down, where time disappeared – experiencing reverie. Experience rejuvenation, hypnotic time distortion, refreshed creativity and ‘nonlinear thinking’.


Ample Frequencies : 18.10.16 – AV event with live EEG & dreamachine, Ace Hotel

AMPLE FREQUENCIES: Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, LONDON, 7PM – TUE OCT 18, 2016
ldn_amplefrequencies_v5_gj_2From the mundane hum of the refrigerator to the melodies of the cosmos, we experience our world through the slant of sound. This October, Ace Hotel and the audiophiles at B&O PLAY begin to ponder, poke and redefine the edges of sonic consciousness with Ample Frequencies — a series of performances, site-specific installations and sound symposia taking place in New York, London and Los Angeles.

For London’s inaugural happening, we’ve linked-up audiovisual artist Adoxo and scientific researcher Luciana Haill for a sonic sojourn into the quiet mind. A one night only installation in our dreamy basement bar Miranda, the pair’s project will monitor an audience member’s brainwaves during guided meditation, reimagining the results as an oscilloscopic audiovisual performance. A panel discussion hosted by Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura of NTS Radio follow. RSVP free limited space here :

Artist’s short biog

L1150594Luciana Haill is a contemporary Surrealist working with neurotechnologies and her recent practice has focused on artist Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine, Entoptic visuals and the phenomena ‘Flicker’.
She has developed this into a series of performances and installations involving the realtime monitoring and sonification of the participants own brainwaves using techniques from hypnosis and meditation, she is considered a pioneering artist in her field.
The ‘Phrontesterion’ (EEG & Dreamachine) references the notion of ‘The Visionary’ and has been shown internationally at major venues including The Royal Institution, The Waag Society in Amsterdam and KIBLA in Slovenia. She is also Artist in residence in the University of Sussex for The Department of Informatics in the UK.

Digital (dis)connections – Phrontesterion at The Royal Academy

24/10.15 Digital (Dis)connections: Ai Weiwei Late.
Experience sensory installation ‘Phrontesterion’ by digital Fine artist Luciana Haill which transports you into a meditative state via a dreamachine and monitors the impact on visitor’s brainwaves.

Digital (Dis)connections: Phrontesterion Digital (Dis)connections: Phrontesterion
Digital (Dis)connections: Phrontesterion Digital (Dis)connections: Phrontesterion

Read the feedback and large photo gallery on this page

October Gallery : Dreamachine (3)

19.09.15 : I was invited to talk about Flicker, the convergence of Neuroscience from Dr Grey Walter of the Ratio Club (Bloomsbury)  with The Beats in Paris via The Dreamachine. 30 guests attended an afternoon session upstairs in the Library room, in this gallery – the spiritual home of Burroughs and Gysin. Th next Dreamachines(3) event will be the evening of 23.10.15 in Lewes, Zu Studios, see events section for tickets and information.

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Hypnagogic visions after Dreamachine immersion with Luciana.

Hypnagogic visions after Dreamachine immersion with Luciana.
After the session at the MOMI, I went home, had a normal supper, drinking water and one slice of bread with Benacol spread and a plate of spiced lentil soup.  I went to bed about two hours later.  Lying flat in bed, I closed my eyes and waited for sleep.  Slowly a vision appeared of a bright light blue background in the shape of a giant egg covered in pin-sharp scratches floating in all directions.  Next, soft cloud-like formations with tiny bright pin-sized flashes of light floated through.  The scratches slowly disappeared and the egg-shape faded away being replaced by a clear grey background with a fantastic sharp line of very dark grey prickly vegetation moving across the landscape from infinity to fairly good close up which just continued for some time.  More clouds appeared with the twinkling lights which then slowly disappeared into flat planes moving against each other.  At this stage I fell asleep, unable to hold the vision.  In the night I woke up probably about two to three hours after falling asleep and noticed nothing unusual and went back to a dreamless comfortable sleep.  In the morning I went to switch on the computer to check up on the weather.  Much to my amazement, either with one eye or both eyes open, brilliant sharp clear-edged colour on the screen… never seen before, and I could see and read everything clearly with no difficulty.  I then tried having a look at a few photographs and images and read a newspaper.  The clarity was quite amazing.  The clarity was still with me at breakfast time and I was able to read all the minute tiny wording on food packets which I have been unable to do for years without the aid of a magnifying glass… how long will this effect last?  I should imagine that it may have been exercising the eye muscles looking at the Dreamachine.
Harold Chapman, 14.08.15