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Breaking Convention July 10th, 2.30-4.30pm

Dreamachine EEG will be shown in Breaking Convention, University of Greenwich, July 10-12th
Breaking Convention is a multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness, featuring more than 130 presenters from around the world.


Mat Harvey, Dirk Proeckl, Engelbert Winkler, Ashley Ward, Simon Mitchell & Luciana Haill

Two hours of talk and discussion about the hypnagogic states produced by light machines. The session will feature neural functional connectivity research, therapeutic possibilities, and an introduction to the Lucia No.3 Light Machine. …

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2nd Transmission Symposium 22.04.15

Looking forward to meeting all the other artists and a creating circular group participatory version of my interactive Dreamachine in Bournemouth University executive centre. Register below for a free place.

“You are the artist when you approach a Dreamachine with your eyes closed. What the Dreamachine incites you to see is yours… your own. The brilliant interior visions you so suddenly see whirling around inside your head are produced by your own brain activity. These may not be your first glimpse of these dazzling lights and celestial coloured images. Dreamachines provide them only just as long as you choose to look into them. What you are seeing is perhaps a broader vision than you may have had before of your own incalculable treasure, the “jungian” sort of symbols which we share with all normally constituted humanity. From this storehouse, artists and artisans have drawn the elements of art down the ages. In the rapid flux of images, you will immediately recognise crosses, stars, haloes… woven patterns like pre-Columbian textiles and Islamic rugs… repetitive patterns on ceramic tile… in embroideries of all times… rapidly fluctuating serial images of abstract art… what look like endless expanses of fresh paint laid on a palette knife.”—Brion Gysin

Free ! Wednesday 25th March 6.45-10pm, The Science Museum, South Kensington, London

‘Lates’ happens on the last Wednesday of each month, come find me alongside Dr David Luke and experience a drug-less high’ via photic stimulation with your eyes closed by Flicker. See the Dreamachine & hear your brainwaves sonified in The Science Museum 25.03.15 “Lates”- Enhancements – Synthetic biology.


February: sp following some research with Melatonin set to music by Scott Walker this emerged over 20 hours


Fine line drawings, limited edition of signed, mounted prints ( unframed ) All A4 size, £40 each

I stopped drawing in 1994 when I moved into electronic art, this selection shows some from 1990-91 and the new illustrations (since 2013) completed following the study of Lucid Dreaming. Some more simple and instant sketches were made immediately upon awakening and will be added here soon.

breath_REdone Forked Angel webcyclecrowned_man_REdone

Below :

Mini Oni1Selection : from top left ‘Crowned man’, ‘Breath’, ‘Trees’, ‘Carpet Crawlers’, bottom row from left ‘Mackerel’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Meet again’, ‘Internality’


Above : ‘The Double Bind’ (2015) – £60

I have been invited to Transmission Symposium to speak and present my work involving EEG with an augmented Dreamachine “Phrontesterion” in Bournemouth. Artists from fields as diverse as performance, music composition and dance are opening routes to translate Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) into new audiovisual forms. Transmission explores new strategies and existing avenues in the field of brainwave interpretation for arts and research. Bournemouth Media School, a center for excellence in media production hosts a conference to debate synergies, current developments and future objectives on the intersection between art and technology. 

Transmission brings together artists and researchers in the field of BCI visualisation and sonification, providing the opportunity to present ongoing projects, exchange ideas and to define the cornerstones of future developments. The Transmission Symposium offers a worldwide unique forum for an emerging network between arts and science.

4th of February 2015 10:30-16:30
Bournemouth University Executive Business Center
89 Holdenhurst Rd BH8 8EB


Photo of Martyn Ware with Luciana in The Phrontesterion from Kinetica ArtFair, London, October 2014.

Photos and artwork description :

Video ( excerpt ) from 00:18 )

Luciana’s work is sharp and inquiring. She sets up performance installations whereby we (the audience) witness her (the artist) undertake elements of experiment and ritual on our behalf. But this  is only half the story, as what the artist does really well is also simultaneously build overarching state changes for us to experience as transformational to our own senses. This blending of putting her  own experiences at stake, in order to then facilitate our own sensory involvement, is a clever mechanism to draw together the science, philosophy and magical elements of her work, in ways that  are as smart as they are generous.

– Robert Pacitti, Artist, Director & Curator – SPILL Festival of Performance

Luciana is an artist augmenting consciousness and is currently in residence in The Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex. The invention of the Electroencephalograph (EEG) for monitoring brainwaves, and its routine employment in medical diagnostics offers raw and quantifiable information about the brain. Not bad for a highly sensitive system invented for more esoteric reasons – to prove to the scientific community the existence of telepathy ! The combination of brainwave monitoring with the early adoption of stroboscopes in neuro-physiological research produced side effects – induced hallucinations named ‘Flicker’. Luciana Haill will give a historical overview, with examples of artistic outcomes, including one of her own – based on flicker with Neurofeedback techniques.

Starts 7pm, Fisher Street Studios, 3 Fisher Street, Lewes, United Kingdom

Book tickets £5 here

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