Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

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I loved every single detail of that room! – A. T.

‘Were the sounds generated from an EEG ?’

I went to see the show at the weekend and thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I thought all the pieces were of very high quality. I particularly liked your installation.
I thought all the elements hung together really well to give a powerful experience. The Victoriana strand worked very well through the artefacts and the drawings. The soundscape was also really atmospheric and bound it all together – were the sounds generated from an EEG? Anyway, great show! – P.H.

Technology is not Neutral – tours to Watermans Arts in November

Technology is not neutral – November 4 2016  – January 8th 2017
“The Phrontesterion” in The 
Digital Performance weekend, November 12-13th 2016.
This unique EEG with Dreamachine interactive installation will be available  in Watermans Arts centre for individual experiences over the weekend of November 12-13th 2016. You will need to book a time slot to guarantee a vision and a place in the artwork that also involves a one-to-one interview about the phenomena of “Flicker” with the artist and her assistant.Kibla.jpg

This is in addition to “Sleep Cycles” a new work for 2016 featuring the video mapped projection of the brainwaves recorded during a vivid dream and a series of readymades which tours from Phoenix Brighton in September to London until 08.01.17.

This touring exhibition project that highlights and investigates the work of a group of women artists in the field of digital arts. This new curatorial project explores methods of working with new technologies and the themes that bring these artists together.


Technology is not Neutral



Sleep Cycles : EEG of Vivid dream and readymades installation in new show

The following image is a still from a recording I made of the brainwaves of a subject whilst dreaming – we can see they are in light REM sleep , close to awakening, with entrained light Theta waves ( hypnopompic) on their left preFrontal and their right displays a rhythmic oscillating Eye movement close to Delta that matched the recalled narrative of riding a unicorn along a beach when interviewed after waking !

SleepEEG This was made using IBVA 2 channel Brainmachine and IBVA5 software.
The video will be mapped onto a dream journal displaying a vivid dream with recall, amongst the other found and ready-made objects inside glass cloches and a Victorian Linnet cage as part of “Sleep Cycles” 2016. Will be on show in Brighton in Phoenix from September 3rd -25h as part of Technology is Not Neutral group show.

New work ‘Sleep Cycles’ in Technology is Not Neutral, Phoenix, Brighton

03.09.16 – 25.09.16 : Technology is Not Neutral, Phoenix, Brighton
‘Sleep Cycles’ – mixed media installation featuring the EEG recording of a Vivid Dream projected over a book in a bed, a series of cloches containing dream and sleep elements over 8 hours and illustrations made from prolonged states of Reverie from 2014. A vivid dream recorded using EEG is projected onto an old book, in it, a collection of dreams.. lies amongst victorian cloches containing vital sleep cycle elements including a 14 million year old fragment of meteorite and Mugwort capsules.

“Technology Is Not Neutral” is a new touring exhibition project curated by Gordana Novakovic, Anna Dumitriu and Irini Papadimitriou which launches at Phoenix Brighton as part of Brighton Digital Festival. The exhibition highlights and investigates the work of a group of women artists in the field of digital arts. The title refers to a quote by Donna Haraway taken from her Cyborg Manifesto. It includes significant and newly commissioned work by pioneering and contemporary female digital artists. The exhibition features work by Ghislaine Boddington, Susan Collins, Laura Dekker, Anna Dumitriu, Bhavani Esapathi, Julie Freeman, Kate Genevieve, Sue Gollifer, Luciana Haill, Nina Kov, and Gordana Novakovic. 

Phoenix Brighton 
10-14 Waterloo Place, BN2 9NB Brighton

All Welcome, free entry.

SleepEEGSleepCycles Agate1

Cherub and Tim – Gong / Sound bath with EEG

Cherub Sanson and Tim Wheater 20.07.16

Measuring the Brainwave signals (EEG) of 2 guests during a specially arranged Sound healing session, with large gongs, singing bowls and 3 performers. The EEG files will be published here shortly when converted into movie files, we are looking for any entrainment of brainwave frequencies during the session as well as subjective response to the effects that the amazing sounds and voices played.

PechaKucha 09.06.16 : Lucid dreaming Art and Neuroscience

I am taking part in the exciting PechaKucha held every 3 months this year in Bexhill, in the stunning De La warr Pavillion. My talk will focus on Art and Neuroscience in Lucid Dreaming for personal experience and as an academic researcher.

Contemporary Surrealist, Luciana’s practice focuses on the investigation of sleep, specifically the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming, where the dreamer experiences consciousness-like awareness during the dream.

Tickets in advance here :

The event will take place at 7pm on the second floor in the DLWP Café/Bar

More about the evening and other speakers here:

Creation of the birds