On 9 June we’re hosting a group of extended reality (VR – virtual reality, MR – mixed reality, and AR – augmented reality) creators from London called Cyberdelics Incubator. And two special guests: Dutch visionary artists Sander Bos and Julius Horsthuis.
Hosted by QRU and Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands

I am part of The Cyberdelics Incubator and will be bringing the floating chair and double Dreamachine in this video as well as PandoraStar ( Facebook page  Lucid Strobe Light ) with live EEG projections (FB page : The Art of brainwaves )

look forward to entertaining you with Theta waves

QRU : Cruquiusweg 140, 1019 AK Amsterdam, Netherlands


The Cyberdelics Incubator is a jam-packed evening of cyberdelic experiences, perceptual technologies, talks, art, music and a panel discussion. We will investigate the history and origins of
Cyberdelics and a whole range of technologically mediated altered states of consciousness. We will incubate and explore the minds and insights of a range of cybernauts and psychonauts. The incubator will showcase and review how we can collectively create transformative experiences through immersive technologies.

With the explosion of hybrid and perceptual technologies such as VR, AR and MR (Mixed Reality), we are extending the possible realities we can reach. The dynamic range of our media needs to expand to capture our subjective experience more accurately. This may allow us to understand ourselves and each other more deeply. The ability to alter our senses and develop entirely new ones provides us with the possibility of creating entirely new forms of experience.

We invite you to contribute to the collective building of new insight into the cyberdelics movement.

We are a collective of cybernauts, interested in using technology to create experiences that help us explore altered states of consciousness. By looking at the role of technology and exploring its healing potential, we combine our interests, skills, and passions towards co-constructing the cyberdelic movement.