Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness



Into the rose garden

“Other echoes
Inhabit the garden.
Shall we follow?”
Real-time brainwaves drive an artistic investigation into 4D social-spatial, multi-dimensional motion art with GenieMo #EEG #GenieMo #PsychFi


Hackstock / Sci-Fi London 2020
Eat my EEG 360
Uniting with Hackstock partners ThePeopleSpeak part of SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival. I briefly gave a real-time MdMA brainwave performance, my alter ego Spatial CadetZ – Token Girl. early potentiality of 4D [Space] & [Time] DIY experiences  .. hunger for cerebral playtime PlayLa.bZ CIC

Levitations : Art in Flux & National Gallery X

Full show to be posted here ( from Zoom recording )
here is the artwork I debuted at the final of my presentation :
’33 EEG 8 12′ 

Ecstasis :

Beyond the Brain

No Boundaries : Modern Panic X

Dreamachines – CutUps@60 ideas

PZYK SKAN Liverpool Psychedelia festival of music and art

EEG recorded with ‘IBVA Brainmachine’ and video mapped and projected onto an oversized Old Testament Bible opened at ‘Revelations’ – the final stage of installation ‘SleepCycles’ with generative soundscape made using a Sherman filter bank and Ableton, modulated and triggered by the brainwave data (looped)

Dual Dreamachines, peripheral entrainment experiment setup

November 2018:
Beyond the Brain, CentrEd Excel, London

Two short documentary by Nick Morchang

June 2018:
The Cyberdelics Incubator, QRU, North Amstersdam
All the sounds are triggered by the brainwaves of the participant, in response to the flickering light, peripheral entrainment attempted of Alpha and Theta waves.

Hypnagogiasation is like a Lucid Dream. I setup an installation with Kasina wearable Light/Sound machine, Brainwave monitoring + sonification with interactive IBVA Brainmachine during a Dual Dreamachines experience in the floating chair with  and a PandoraStar Lucid Strobe light. This all packed into 2 suitcases for the flight to Holland.

This was for The Psychedelics society of The Netherlands

October 2017:
The Bavard Bar, Kino Teatr, St Leonards

September 2017:
Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia, ‘PZYK SKAN’

A collaboration with Sam Wiehl and Kode9

July 2017:
Breaking Convention, University of Greenwich, UK

June 2017:
The Phrontesterion – time lapse
‘Real/Virtual’ in The Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, June 22-25


June 2016
Pecha Kucha in The De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill
‘The Art and Neuroscience of Lucid Dreaming’

December 2016:
SleepCycles –

see more videos here

November 2016:

Manoto TV, Iranian TV show features ‘Technology is not neutral’ (play from 10.20) exhibition and my new artworks ‘Sleepcycles’ and ‘The Phrontesterion’ (play from 15:00)

September 2016:
‘Technology is not neutral’ opening evening in Phoenix Galleries, Brighton – I discuss my new artworks ‘Sleepcycles’


EEG within Dreamachine exposure in my artwork ‘The Phrontesterion’  “I AM THAT I AM” interactive brainwave triggered signification using IBVA, Ableton and Garageband.

January 2016:
Hear how musician Arthur Brown and I exploring making brainwave controlled music since 2014, we performed a live mix in Bestival, Isle of Wight in the summer of 2015.

October 2015 :

Kibla in Slovenia – White cube install with 1970’s electric dentist chair from Bavaria

The Phrontesterion (Dreamachine and percipient’s EEG sonified ) was installed in The Drill Hall upstairs, where we were visited by the public who had booked an appointment for a vision, a dream and a journey. Using the IBVA software and hardware the brainwaves were visualised and later transcribed by Luciana to the subject whilst they were professionally and discretely interviewed by the assistant Ms Rose.

September 2015 :
Excerpt of Dreamachines(3) from The October Gallery in London, an afternoon experience of Flicker with EEG projections during the phenomena.

October 2014 :
Phrontesterion in Kinetica ArtFair, participants listen to their brainwaves sonified feedback to the photic stimulation of a classic Dreamachine (work in progress)

April 2014 :
Recent practice has focuses on an investigation of sleep and dream-like states, in particular the phenomenon of ‘Lucid Dreaming’ in East Sussex

November 2014 :
Excerpt  of ‘Creation of the strobes’, 40 minute durational, multimedia performance in SPILL festival of performance, The Old Police Station, Ipswich, October 31st, 2o14

(play from 00:18)

March 2014 :
Interview and excerpt of performance in The Waag, NL

August 2012 :
Presentation in ‘Art and New Science Symposium V’ in CENART, Mexico City

September 2011 :
Presentation in ‘Tangible Feelings’ Symposium in iMal, Brussels

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Sleep EEG 3 hours 39 minutes x 20 playback tempo

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