Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness


CURRICULUM VITAE : LUCIANA HAILL             D.O.B : 06.08.1973

L1150958Luciana Haill explores and measures brainwaves during liminal states of sleep and vivid / lucid dreaming in her Fine Artworks. She is concerned in esoteric ways of accessing  The Visionary, sometimes using contemporary photic entrainment devices including classic Dreamachines. She is an Honorary fellow in the Department of Psychology in Greenwich University,  London. Her participatory installations, talks and performances have taken place internationally. Her techniques involve Neurofeedback –  a training process using technology to provide you with more information about what your brain is doing. She has appeared on TV and Radio triggering 3D spatialised sounds via brainwaves. She is currently working in collaboration with musician Arthur Brown on a new piece of performative EEG art.

1995    BA (hons) Interactive Fine Art, GCHE, Newport, Wales

1991    Foundation Diploma Fine Art & Design, Ravensbourne College of Design, Kent, UK


19.05.17 – Open Senses Symposium – Institute of Philosophy, London: ‘Phrontesterion: EEG with PandoraStar & Dreamachine’
04.11.16 – 08.01.17 – Technology is not neutral – Watermans Arts Centre, London
03.09.16 – 25.09.16 –Technology is Not Neutral, Phoenix Studios, Brighton
27.10.15 – Frequency Festival, The Drill Hall, Lincoln ‘Phrontesterion: EEG with Dreamachine’
24.10.15 – ‘Lates‘ , The Royal Academy, London, Digital (Dis)connections: – featuring Dreamachine / Phrontesterion installation
08.10.15 – KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia, EEG and Dreamachine demonstration and keynote
09.09.15 – Bestiville (The Crazy world of) Arthur Brown, live sonic EEG music
19.06.15 – ‘Vinyl klubb’, Larvik, Norway, live EEG music performance with Arthur Brown
25.03.15 – ‘Lates’, The Science Museum, Dreamachine installation with EEG, London
22.04.15 – ‘Transmission Symposium 2.0’, Bournemouth University executive centre, Music for solo performer(s), Dreamachines and EEG installation
04.02.15 – ‘Transmission Symposium’, Bournemouth University, Keynote & “The Phrontesterion” installation.
31.10.14 – SPILL Festival of Performance ‘The Creation of the strobes’, Old Police station, Ipswich
17.10.14 – Kinetica Art Fair London, The Truman buildings, “Phrontesterion” installation with EEG
28.03.14 – Waag Society, Amsterdam, ‘The Creation of the strobes’ performance induced by Flicker, sonified EEG
20.01.14 – FACT, Liverpool, “Make your own dream machine” a family weekend workshop
05.11.13 – ICT and ArtConnect, Vilnius, Brussels ‘Where Art meets ICT and Futures’ – 3 days
02.10.13 – ‘Morphology‘, Hastings, a series of 7 monthly public experiential Lucid Dreaming workshops with EEG and artist’s presentation until May 2014.
06.08.12 – ‘Artes y Nuevas ciencias‘ in CENART, Mexico City, guest lecturer in Art and New Sciences’ the fifth symposium in August, provided 2 workshops with biofeedback instruction, techniques of Flicker, The Visionary and an augmented ‘Dream Machine with EEG ‘ workshop for the public “Movimiento en la mente”

2005- 2010 includes various shows in The Future of Sound, Psi-chic EEG seance performances on tour in many locations :The Royal Institute, BAFTA, FACT Liverpool, The Sage Gateshead, Millennium Galleries Sheffield, Norwich Arts Centre, Royal College of Art, The Octagon UEL, Innovaction : MTV pavillion, Udine Italy, ReActor 3 Liverpool, Futuresonics Manchester, also – ‘The Institute of Unnecessary Research’ at The Critical Incident, Sussex University, ‘White Night’ in The Phoenix studios, Brighton Grand Parade.


05.05.17 – Hackstock Beyond17, Hypnagogic Brainwave room, 2 days EEG recording
31.01.17 – The Lights of Soho, London ‘Flux in Motion’ guest speaker on Transformation
18.10.16 – The Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, ‘Ample Frequencies’, collaboration with  composer Adoxo in Dreamachines, EEG, Oscilloscopes and Flicker, sponsored by Bang & Olufsen
03.09.16 – Phoenix Gallery, Brighton , making art and music from Brainwaves
07.11.15 – The Wellcome collection, London, co-facilitated 4 EEG & Neuroscience presentations with Srivas Chennu, University of Cambridge
23.10.15 – DREAMACHINES(3) – The Beats and The Neuroscience, an evening of talks and Dreamachines, Lewes
19.09.15 – The October Gallery, an interactive exploration of ‘Flicker’, keynote and participatory dreamachine installation
17.07.15 – Nesta, ‘Ready Player two?-Bringing virtual reality dreams to life’ guest speaker, The Village Underground, London
11.07.15 – Breaking Convention, workshop and Keynote “Flicker, EEG & The Dreamachine”, Greenwich University, Wasson
02.06.14 – Digital Media Arts MA, Visiting Lecturer, University of Brighton
28.05.14 – Cabaret of the Mind presents : ‘Lucid Dreaming‘, The Spiegeltent, Brighton Festival
13.04.14 – ‘Morphology’ Lucid Dreaming workshop, Durbar Hall, Hastings museum & Art Gallery
18.09.11 – ‘Imaging the Intangible’, iMAL, Brussels, EEG symposium in September, guest speaker
12.07.11 –  ‘The Secret Garden Party festival’ Guerilla Science tent, Hypnosis and EEG
04.11.10 – ‘Lunch Bites’ The Culture Lab, Newcastle University,  guest lecturer
06.05.07 – ‘The Lucidity institute’, Hawaii, Lucid Dreaming workshops with Dr Stephen La Berge
22.03.09 – ‘This is your brain on Technology’, Guest speaker, The Dana centre, London

03.04.14 – AISB-50 Symposium “The Future of Art and Computing: A Post-Turing Centennial Perspective”, Goldsmiths College. “ICT and ArtConnect: Revelations by Flicker: Dream Machines and Electroencephalographic signals in art

07.05.07 – 4th Mobile Music Technology Workshop , ‘Creative Uses of Virtual Sticky Notes in Art – A Critical Interrogation of The “Bio-tracking” Smart Phone Based Exhibition’, (STEIM) Amsterdam, Netherlands, co-authored with Anna Dumitriu.


25.10.16 – The Creators Project, Vice, These Brainwave Artists Are Crafting the Future of Immersive Experiences

25.10.16 – Art The Science, Interview, October 2016

05.08.10 – Wired UK – ‘Tunes on the brain’, Luciana Haill’s EEG art

26.09.10 – Estadao Brazil – ‘Que som é esse? ‘
www., Language : Portuguese

08.01.08 – Contemporary Art of Science and Technology, ISBN: 978-7-03-020415-8,
Press name: Science Press, Language: Chinese

22.01.07 – ‘Make Beautiful Brain Music’,72528-0.html?tw=wn_index_22

05.01.07 – The Independent, The Review, The Sound of Science,

25.01.07 – BBC Tyne : Preview of The Future of Sound

10.02.07 – The Telegraph : Connected : How to make music out of Brainwaves,

2007 Radio / Live interviews : BBC Radio 4, The Today Programme, CBC Radio Canada, Freestyle

URL: – Artists blog news and latest projects  –  augmented brainwave samples made with EEG Psi Chic mediation and sound samples – TV excerpts of Luciana’s work – The Institute of Unnecessary Research

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