Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness


Augmented Consciousness artist Luciana Haill, photograph by Nick WilsonLuciana Haill is a contemporary Surrealist working with brainwave monitors; her recent practice has focused on artist Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine, Entoptic visuals and the phenomena ‘Flicker’. She has developed this into a series of performances and installations involving the real-time recording and sonification of the brainwaves of individuals in the participating audience. The ‘Phrontesterion’ (EEG & Dreamachine) referencing the notion of ‘The Visionary’ has been shown internationally including The Royal Academy & The Royal Institution London, The Waag Society in Amsterdam and KIBLA in Slovenia.

Luciana experienced viral meningitis as a teenager which led to a fascination with the brain. She has been using brainwave (EEG) recording technologies creatively in her practice since 1994 when she graduated from first ever degree in Interactive Fine Art led by Roy Ascott. Haill’s art emanates from ‘Hypnagogic’ reverie, entrainment (neurofeedback) and the exploration of liminal and altered states of consciousness such as Lucid Dreaming. Her work researches pioneers in Neuroscience, Sleep Laboratories & Cybernetics whilst simultaneously exploring serendipitous & parallel interconnections from Surrealism and ‘The Beats’, and is expressed in installations involving neuro-technologies, digital media, performance, sound and her fine line drawings, and is considered a pioneering artist in her field.

Her participatory installations, talks and performances have also taken place internationally as mentioned above, as well as in : The October Gallery London, CENART in Mexico City DF, ICT & Art Connect in Lithuania and EU Parliament in Brussels, ‘Lates’ in The Science museum, FACT in Liverpool, The Sage Gateshead, iMal Gallery in Brussels, The Secret Garden Party Oxford, The Frequency Arts festival in Lincoln.

In 2007 she was funded by The Arts Council to create ‘Cyber Sleep” and the same year Luciana also co-authored and created two sound works for The Bio-Tracking Project in collaboration with Anna Dumitriu. This was in conjunction to a visit to STEIM in The Netherlands together. Creative Uses of Virtual Sticky Notes in Art – A Critical Interrogation of The “Bio-tracking” Smart Phone Based Exhibition.

Her pioneering brainwave music was featured in a documentary about legendary electronic musician Raymond Scott by his son. Luciana was a visiting research fellow in The University of Sussex from 2011 -2106 for The Department of Informatics and is  ‘Head of Augmented Consciousness’ in The Institute of Unnecessary Research. In 2012 she worked in a Symposium open to students and the general public  for Arts and New Sciences inside CENART in Mexico City DF and continues to explore international options to live and work.
In 2014 she was awarded a second ‘Grant for the Arts’  award from The Arts Council to research and develop new interactive work with EEG and Dreamachines ‘The Phrontesterion’, and her paper was published in The AISB-50 Symposium on “The Future of Art and Computing: A Post-Turing Centennial Perspective”, from ICT & Art Connect : Revelations by Flicker, Dreamachines and Electroencephalographic signals in art’.

Recent new work ‘Sleep Cycles’ followed her involvement in the International Association for the Study of Dreams 2016 in Rolduc, Holland and exploring a new musical performance with musician Arthur Brown. This was exhibited from September 2016  in Brighton’s Phoenix, and in Watermans Art centre in London until January 2017.



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    I spoke to you about some frequencies I’d bought a while back, at the Shoreditch kinetic art fair. I’ve got some samples to share on dropbox but I need an email address.

    Hope all is well.


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    • Lady_luchi(at)

      October 21, 2014 at 12:28

    • grant can you email me please

      July 23, 2015 at 23:36

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