Interactive generative brainwave and light entrainment art delivered first online in Levitations – curated by Maria Almena ( @Art in Flux London and Kimatica Group ) and National Gallery X

‘33: 8-12’ a video artwork generated during an interactive, neurofeedback (brainwave) experience. The video was edited directly by brainwave controllers, during a light entrainment to the rhythmic flickering of 8-12Hz, you can see how the EEG fluctuates between 6-13Hertz. Occasionally the data analysis is visible, the Alpha and Theta waves voltages (amplitude and speed in Hz) modulate the audio and video samples heard, how loud, and how often. The voices – I programmed them to recede when I desist listening to their distractions, patterns, victorian wallpaper, lovely tropical fish. first shown in Levitations show on 29th September 2020, organised & curated by Maria Almena, Art in Flux London and @National Gallery X #sciart #EEG #vdmx #BrainMachineInterface #IBVA #Neurofeedbackartist