VDMX interview me and Sam Wiehl about our collaborative PZYK SKAN !


new brainwave immersive installation commissioned for Liverpool PsychFest 2017

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The Phrontesterion : inside an installation steered by your brainwaves

See and head the outcomes here as 10 minutes is compressed to 1 minute 43 seconds, all sounds are triggered by EEG and all Entoptic and Phosphene ephemeral visuals are experienced by the percipient in the dentist chair, behind closed eyelids.

The artwork involves a brainwave monitor, so all the sounds heard are modulated and controlled via the participant – their EEG signal is being recorded in realtime and output as dynamic changes and interaction within a sonic score. A sonification we can hear manifests, as do ‘Entoptic’ patterns, phosphenes and many ‘non-linear narratives’ making a unique phenomenal artwork for each participant (their eyes are closed, and they are wearing headphones in a dentist chair). The Phrontesterion is driven by their brain’s response to a Theta wave (4-8 Hz) entrainment protocol by lights (PandoraStar & Dreamachine), in return they receive access to subconscious idling, reveries and tranquility.

The video was captured by Go Pro and shows the 10 minute experience condensed to one minute.. the following visual analysis is the EEG of the participant made using IBVA software and captured using a 2 channel Brainmachine monitor ( http://www.brainmachine.co.uk) all the sounds are made from the EEG controlling the score, custom Brain Switch Audio Unit plugins are in the library to enable this for each frequency bandwidth from the Left and Right sides of the frontal region ( FP1 and FP2 )

Entopticals, the art we all make

pandoraWorking with PandoraStar light entrainment device and making audio from analogue AutoHarps with digital Modular Synths in Ableton to enhance the journey, where consciousness dissolves, judgement fades and within closed eyes, beyond Psychedelic ‘entoptictals’, the antipodes of consciousness allow more of oneself to be revealed. I can’t recommend this powerful, PandoraStar enough, the flickering light guides your brain to experience a range of beneficial states of brainwave activity, which can be used for many empowering purposes. I will document my journey soon with EEG, illustrations and subjective reviews.

PechaKucha 09.06.16 : Lucid dreaming Art and Neuroscience

I am taking part in the exciting PechaKucha held every 3 months this year in Bexhill, in the stunning De La warr Pavillion. My talk will focus on Art and Neuroscience in Lucid Dreaming for personal experience and as an academic researcher.

Contemporary Surrealist, Luciana’s practice focuses on the investigation of sleep, specifically the phenomenon of Lucid Dreaming, where the dreamer experiences consciousness-like awareness during the dream.

Tickets in advance here :

The event will take place at 7pm on the second floor in the DLWP Café/Bar

More about the evening and other speakers here:

Creation of the birds

October Gallery : Dreamachine (3)

19.09.15 : I was invited to talk about Flicker, the convergence of Neuroscience from Dr Grey Walter of the Ratio Club (Bloomsbury)  with The Beats in Paris via The Dreamachine. 30 guests attended an afternoon session upstairs in the Library room, in this gallery – the spiritual home of Burroughs and Gysin. Th next Dreamachines(3) event will be the evening of 23.10.15 in Lewes, Zu Studios, see events section for tickets and information.

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The Creation of the strobes

remedio_mask_blackmask_book_coloursL2My latest project in development is titled “The Creation of the strobes” –  inspired by the atmosphere created by Spanish surrealist artist Remedios Varo, who was exiled to Mexico in the 1940s. I discovered this painting for the first time whilst I was visiting Mexico in 2012 as an artist involved in The 5th Encounter of Art and New Sciences in CENART, and was captivated. I connect with her Hybrid Morphology, the extensions of the partly Avian artist through science and alchemy absorbed totally in her work.  I have begun to develop a costume, performance and arrange a new selection of sound samples to be triggered by my brainwaves, further evokin this painting, bringing it gradually to life, through a contemporary telematic ‘seance’.

remedio_mask_EEGI disguised the EEG sensors behind a feathered mask, this is the first time I am beginning to convert myself into a character, as Remedios’ hybrid avian artist. I am using 4 sensors ( 2 Positives at FP1 and Fp2 locations above eyebrows, ground on forehead and negative on mastoid) and a BrainMachine EEG system. The electrodes are pre-gelled so easy to apply to skin, then secured more firmly and hidden by the feathered mask.

This is the first time I have made and decorated a mask, I used plaster-of-paris webbing over a face form, and when drying applied PVA mixed with water in layers, then the feathers. Finally I amalgamated layers in mixes of Marabou and ‘Peacock Chinchilla’ feathers (the sort used by fly-fishers). I also used ‘toupée tape‘ to attach more feathers from finger tips to upper arms, and found this a simple, useful material for final touches.













luci_stings_dressFor the dress, I adapted a vintage Edwardian lavender lace gown, embellished with more “Coque Feather” plumage attached to ribbons. Overall this gave me an antique and ethereal appearance of diminished glamor, heightened by beautiful wafts of  feathery desires. I sourced a tiny guitar from a doll’s house emporium, so you can see I am wearing the 3 stringed instrument like a small guitar around my neck. The strings are the nerves, the instrument symbolic of the body with a connections to vibrational /esoteric alliances through a miniaturized musical technological invention, coherent with my contemporary tools.


I was invited to perform in the historical Anatomical Theatre of the Waag building in Amsterdam by the organisers of ICT ART CONNECT
wish to thank them and their crew in the venue for assisting me and mediating the event, as always live art can be tricky to capture when you are in the midst of a trance ! I have been involved with ICT & ART Connect since November 2013 when I was invited to Lithuania’s Vilnius and Brussles to show how as an artist, I combine medical technology in my digital Fine Art practice. There was a series of events bringing artists and technologists together to explore new ways of working. During the following months, collaborative acts of co-creation, together with an open and multidisciplinary discussion, were fostered for the bringing together art and technology.

Lu_Waag_kitI always travel with a Mac laptop and at least two EEG systems, on this occasion my kit included a scientific strobe light and controller, a Victorian jewellery box with vintage sleeping condiments, a 1970’s Japanese portable record deck (for the Dreamachine), a medieval-style mirror (laser gazing the ceiling in the Waag), a peacock-feather mask, electrodes and batteries. And yes, my baggage searched in the airport security area!

This is work in progress, I wish to understand better how as a performer I convey the immediacy and experimental risks inherent in working with brainwaves in realtime, as opposed to tight choreography. I had some effects I wished to try out – staring into the scientific strobe with my eyes tightly shut, was profound within my mind, and I could hear the soundscape groaning with sardonic voices as I became enabled to trigger certain samples, not previously audible. But this was not sustainable, so I meandered and The Creation of the Birdsreturned to a performative default state of lying on the floor in a long gown, gazing softly into the flickering Dreamachine to lull myself into an 8Hz daze. I am actually more interested in Theta waves (4-8Hz) but appear not to say that in the video interview. The laser beam was used to help me look outwards during the performance, using the hand mirror to steer it, gave me the dream-like quality of not being fully in control but exerting some influence in my environment. I wish to create a more Hypnopompic immersion for myself and the audience so the seance and dream realms blend further.

Listen on Soundcloud to an excerpt from the live event – a totally brainwave enabled soundscape: