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See you on 30.06.17 in Breaking Convention, 9.30am, in The Sabina Rooms
I have a very visual Keynote illustrating my talk during :
Luciana Haill ‘, & ’  30th June, Revelations by Flicker, Dreamachines and Electroencephalographic signals in art
How did ordinary tools in the Neurophysiology department become means for spiritual enlightenment ?

Advance booked tickets to the entire weekend symposium essential.

The Phrontesterion will be at Open Senses Symposium, London

Hosted by The Institute of Philosophy – Friday 19th May 2017, The Phrontesterion to feature in ‘The Open Senses Symposium’ bringing a weekend of art and science events to the capital.

I will bring The Phrontesterion into The Open Senses Symposium for one day only.
Come experience enhanced Theta waves and your subsequent Reveries in the oil-filled, air powered dentist chair whilst your brainwaves are monitored and create your own unique soundscape. You will be guided by a flickering Dreamachine with your eyes closed, and interviewed by the artist afterwards to discover if you saw Entoptic patterns, phosphenes, form constants, visions and new ideas .


Dreamachines for sale – transcending our physical existence

“Rub out the Word”
For Gysin the way of permutation was the ‘way out’, the means of transcending our physical existence. The dreamachine was a similar device, creating pattern after pattern within the brain itself, turning image upon image, light upon light until the infinite became possible.

Buy a complete Dreamachine setup here : all you need is a record player capable of 45rpm and a plug socket. It ships worldwide inside a 1 metre long cardboard tube ready to assemble, and with a 5 metre candle-twist power cable for suspension of the Nanobulb from a ceiling, overhang or beam with a simple cup-hook.


No Virtual Reality suite has yet come up with anything near the fluidity, range and inventiveness of image of the dreamachine, and none is likely to. The dreamachine, whether it reflects physiological patterns, or acts as a gateway into the personal, collective or cosmic unconscious; whether it is meaningful or meaningless, has the immense advantage of allowing us to respond to ourselves. It provides access into our own brain. It is literally a machine that produces dreams.

IMG_9508Gysin himself reflected on the type of vision engendered by the use of dreamachines: ‘I think it scares people… Because of the fact that it deals with that area of interior vision which has never been tapped before. Except in history, one knows of cases — in French history, Catherine de Medici for example, had Nostradamus sitting up on the top of a tower… he used to sit up there and with the fingers of his hands spread like this would flicker his fingers over closed eyes, and would interpret his visions in a way which were of influence to her in regard to her political powers… they were like instructions from a higher power… ‘They could also foretell bad things. Peter the Great also had somebody who sat on the top of a tower and flickered his fingers like that across his closed eyelids… And any of us today can go and look out the window or lie in a field and do it, and you get a great deal of the type of visions — in fact, it’s the same area in the alpha bands of excitation of the brain — within the alpha band between eight and thirteen flickers a second. And the dreamachine produces this continuously, without interruption, unless you yourself interrupt it by opening your eyes like that.’

Not suitable for persons with photo sensitive epilepsy or migraines.

Phrontesterion EEG Art interviewed for Iranian TV

Last week in Watermans Art Gallery during the interactive weekender I was one of the artists interviewed by ManotoTV – for their current Iranian TV Technology programme, The presenter took the seat and had a full flicker and EEG recording made, with post session interview to hear what he experienced! The group exhibition ‘Technology is not neutral’  is featured from 10:20, and you can play from 15.00 to view my work.


Technology is not Neutral – tours to Watermans Arts in November

Technology is not neutral – November 4 2016  – January 8th 2017
“The Phrontesterion” in The 
Digital Performance weekend, November 12-13th 2016.
This unique EEG with Dreamachine interactive installation will be available  in Watermans Arts centre for individual experiences over the weekend of November 12-13th 2016. You will need to book a time slot to guarantee a vision and a place in the artwork that also involves a one-to-one interview about the phenomena of “Flicker” with the artist and her assistant.Kibla.jpg

This is in addition to “Sleep Cycles” a new work for 2016 featuring the video mapped projection of the brainwaves recorded during a vivid dream and a series of readymades which tours from Phoenix Brighton in September to London until 08.01.17.

This touring exhibition project that highlights and investigates the work of a group of women artists in the field of digital arts. This new curatorial project explores methods of working with new technologies and the themes that bring these artists together.


Technology is not Neutral



Artist’s short biog

L1150594Luciana Haill is a contemporary Surrealist working with neurotechnologies and her recent practice has focused on artist Brion Gysin’s Dreamachine, Entoptic visuals and the phenomena ‘Flicker’.
She has developed this into a series of performances and installations involving the realtime monitoring and sonification of the participants own brainwaves using techniques from hypnosis and meditation, she is considered a pioneering artist in her field.
The ‘Phrontesterion’ (EEG & Dreamachine) references the notion of ‘The Visionary’ and has been shown internationally at major venues including The Royal Institution, The Waag Society in Amsterdam and KIBLA in Slovenia. She is also Artist in residence in the University of Sussex for The Department of Informatics in the UK.

Laser London – panel talk 16.02.16

I am taking part in the next London LASER 13 : ‘Astronauts of Inner Space’ 

LASER is a program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversation with an audience. London LASER hosts Astronauts of Inner Space, bringing together four speakers interested in diverse interfaces between science and the psychic.  Bronaċ FerranLuciana HaillDavid Luke and Wai H. Tsang tackle a series of topics relating to art, neuroscience and the body including the art and science of psychedelic perception, neuromorphic computing, fractal brains, entoptic visuals and Dreamachines, chaired by Bronac Ferran. 6pm -9pm, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
Book free tickets here

Tuesday 16 February 2016

6.30 – 9.00pm (registration from 6.00pm)

C303, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 1 Granary Square,
 Kings Cross, London
 N1C 4AA

FREE, but booking required to ensure you save a place:

Running successfully in the US for several years, London LASER is the first of the series to take place in Europe. Each evening presents guest speakers from a range of disciplines (artists, scientists, philosophers, historians, inventors or scholars), plus a platform for announcements from members of the audience and an opportunity for discussion and socialising.

KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia

Photos and Videos from KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia, 7-9 October 2015
Installation Phrontesterion “I AM THAT I AM” ( Early 17th century: from Greek phrontistērion, from phrontistēs ‘deep thinker’, from phrontizein ‘be thoughtful’, from phrontis ‘thought’.) Edited to incorporate ‘test’ for non-linear thinking, visions, hallucinations, or Entoptic patterns. Sonification during the monitoring of brainwaves, a test of the receptivity to “flicker” from the Dreamachine. The voices can guide, mock, relax, or distract the participant, the volume of each track and its presence in the audible mix, is entirely controlled by the brainwaves interacting with the composition. Too much can become far too much, and the ideal presence of significant Theta waves and Alpha in the EEG , are rewarded with the mantra penned by Gysin, inspired by God to Moses in the Bible.










October Gallery : Dreamachine (3)

19.09.15 : I was invited to talk about Flicker, the convergence of Neuroscience from Dr Grey Walter of the Ratio Club (Bloomsbury)  with The Beats in Paris via The Dreamachine. 30 guests attended an afternoon session upstairs in the Library room, in this gallery – the spiritual home of Burroughs and Gysin. Th next Dreamachines(3) event will be the evening of 23.10.15 in Lewes, Zu Studios, see events section for tickets and information.

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Hypnagogic visions after Dreamachine immersion with Luciana.

Hypnagogic visions after Dreamachine immersion with Luciana.
After the session at the MOMI, I went home, had a normal supper, drinking water and one slice of bread with Benacol spread and a plate of spiced lentil soup.  I went to bed about two hours later.  Lying flat in bed, I closed my eyes and waited for sleep.  Slowly a vision appeared of a bright light blue background in the shape of a giant egg covered in pin-sharp scratches floating in all directions.  Next, soft cloud-like formations with tiny bright pin-sized flashes of light floated through.  The scratches slowly disappeared and the egg-shape faded away being replaced by a clear grey background with a fantastic sharp line of very dark grey prickly vegetation moving across the landscape from infinity to fairly good close up which just continued for some time.  More clouds appeared with the twinkling lights which then slowly disappeared into flat planes moving against each other.  At this stage I fell asleep, unable to hold the vision.  In the night I woke up probably about two to three hours after falling asleep and noticed nothing unusual and went back to a dreamless comfortable sleep.  In the morning I went to switch on the computer to check up on the weather.  Much to my amazement, either with one eye or both eyes open, brilliant sharp clear-edged colour on the screen… never seen before, and I could see and read everything clearly with no difficulty.  I then tried having a look at a few photographs and images and read a newspaper.  The clarity was quite amazing.  The clarity was still with me at breakfast time and I was able to read all the minute tiny wording on food packets which I have been unable to do for years without the aid of a magnifying glass… how long will this effect last?  I should imagine that it may have been exercising the eye muscles looking at the Dreamachine.
Harold Chapman, 14.08.15