Hypnagogic Art & Neuroscience space in the East Room in The Trampery : Hackstock2017

Book tickets for an individual session from £10 for 20 minutes (with optional extra for brainwave recording )with PandoraStar here :

pandora205.05.17 – 06.05.17 Hackstock2017 – Opening times – 10.30am-18.30pm. Luciana and her team offers you the opportunity to book an individual session with the latest technological genius in psychedelic strobing white light, and potentially have your brainwaves monitored and recorded. Just curious ? You can compare this with a Dreamachine – an iconic kinetic light sculpture setup in our Arts Laboratory. Working with the Brainmachine (IBVA) EEG monitors Luciana and her team can combine recording the brainwaves of participants whilst they are experiencing the wonderful phenomena ‘PandoraStar’ – the latest in Stroboscopic Light Therapies. This  is a non-intrusive form of light therapy, which
concentrates the mind and involves the client closing their eyes under a flickering light machine. The session can provide a client with relief from tension, relieving stiff muscles and joints in the physical body. The session is highly relaxing and can have a profound relief upon the negative effects of stress.

L1150634We will also have a classic Dreamachine designed by artist Bryon Gysin in the 1960s spinning proudly on a record player for drop-in anytime. I will also take part in Talkaoke at 11.30am on the friday and have the East Room setup as an ongoing Hypnagogic Art of Neuroscience laboratory with Brainmachine (IBVA) and bookable individual Pandorastar sessions.


The Trampery, Old Street, London, EC1V 9EY, United Kingdom


‘Were the sounds generated from an EEG ?’

I went to see the show at the weekend and thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I thought all the pieces were of very high quality. I particularly liked your installation.
I thought all the elements hung together really well to give a powerful experience. The Victoriana strand worked very well through the artefacts and the drawings. The soundscape was also really atmospheric and bound it all together – were the sounds generated from an EEG? Anyway, great show! – P.H.

Sleep Cycles : EEG of Vivid dream and readymades installation in new show

The following image is a still from a recording I made of the brainwaves of a subject whilst dreaming – we can see they are in light REM sleep , close to awakening, with entrained light Theta waves ( hypnopompic) on their left preFrontal and their right displays a rhythmic oscillating Eye movement close to Delta that matched the recalled narrative of riding a unicorn along a beach when interviewed after waking !

SleepEEG This was made using IBVA 2 channel Brainmachine and IBVA5 software.
The video will be mapped onto a dream journal displaying a vivid dream with recall, amongst the other found and ready-made objects inside glass cloches and a Victorian Linnet cage as part of “Sleep Cycles” 2016. Will be on show in Brighton in Phoenix from September 3rd -25h as part of Technology is Not Neutral group show.


12.09.15 : I’ve been working with Arthur Brown in Lewes on developing a new performative piece of Art, incorporating the EEG monitoring in realtime, and we debuted a piece as the intro to “Time Captains” during his set with his band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. This is just the beginning of our partnership as musical performers to use ‘Brain Music’ technology to present the world’s first ‘Psychosonic’ live performance at this year’s Bestival in Bestival on The Isle of Wight.

Read the full interview here on MetalTalk

In Arthur Brown’s own words: “We found when I played Dobro or my petrol-can slideguitar more activity happened on the right hemisphere. When I dance like a dervish, a huge amount of Theta activity happened on both sides, so we learned to implement certain physical activities effecting the metaphysical and changing the cognitive activity and real-time sound piece.

“It has occasionally looked like this would never happen. People flaked out, or lost interest, or just ditched the idea to go and do something else. But three things helped.

“I was an ornery cuss. I knew that it is surprising how things will actually happen when it looks completely like they won’t. And that if you fix on an event in the future, and visualise it with all your senses, it will draw you to it, rather than you pushing towards it. So, I held my vision, and here we are now…

“I also like the cutting edge of technology, where culture meets science. Also, what music is, is only an agreement to look at humans and sound in a particular way. I like to know what happens when you look at it in a different way.

“I don’t yet know fully where this investigation will lead. Certainly the ability to use brain activity joined to computers means that a musical genius will be able by himself, or joined in a group with others, to manipula


Luciana + Brainmachines going to Mexico City – CENART symposium

I will be discussing EEG (english translated to spanish) as vigour for generative sound composition and Art on August 6th 2012 at 6pm, and 2 workshops mornings of 6 and 7 August with exploring the interoceptive and interactive tools – I will he here : http://www.cenart.gob.mx/2012/08/artistas-e-investigadores-internacionales-abordan-el-nexo-entre-artes-contemporaneas-ciencias-y-tecnologias/