Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness


: (Mixed media and projected EEG)
An installation exploring dreaming, reverie and consciousness comprised of the brainwave (EEG) visualisation of a vivid dream recorded by the artist, video-mapped and projected over an oversized book accompanied by a series of ready-mades and unique architectural pen illustrations. The main piece ‘Uni’ shows a software visualisation of brainwave data with Theta waves and REM (rapid eye movement ) eye oscillations evident, it is a continuation of the 5 stages of sleep made by a series of domed glass cloches. Sitting atop 2 rolls of pianola paper, they protect delicate dream fragments and contain the ‘NREM’ stages 1-4 of sleep (including a 14 million year old fragment of Bohemian meteorite, Moldavite, Zincite and and Agate in two hemispheres). Surrounded by a further 15 ‘Oneirical’ fine ink illustrations in a variety of vintage frames, made from prolonged states of Reverie since 2014. The soundtrack combines generative EEG triggered sounds over a distant echoing piano played over a long evening.. never ending.
Other details include an array of Mugwort capsules for enhanced dreaming, a vintage sand timer, a portrait of a ‘shadow-self’  beneath a dainty mirror, theosophical volumes by Madama Blavatsky and decorative but empty Victorian bronze frames waiting for the new oneirical content to be loaded.


See videos here from within the installation

The significant repetition of green elements in the cloches has been interrogated using a new Gestalt technique the artist learned at The International association for the study of dreams in Holland in June 2016. The work has been created following a 4 year investigation into the Neurophysiology of Lucid dreaming as research fellow in Sussex University and personal exploration of sleep consciousness.

SleepCycles smaller Bible EEG

In the corner the Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic collages made in Mexico sit either side of a seat referencing Dali’s infamous “Slumber with a key” technique. This allows the sitter to reliably harness creative ideas from daydream reveries upon dosing (when fallen keys sounding act as an alerting reminder to write the first idea in mind) beneath a Victorian Linnet cage following the artist’s exploration of the Spanish female Surrealist Remedios Varo and her avian mystical figures.


Death by Dreaming 2015

Visitor feedback :
Went to the art exhibition, Technology is not Neutral, at The Waterman’s Centre, Kew Bridge. What an amazing collection by some incredible female artists.

I was particularly drawn to the works of Luciana Haill, as I went to one of her Talks last year about all her work on brainwaves and her dream machines! Her work intrigues me, particularly as I have had many experiences through dreams, visions and meditations. Different states have also affected my intuitive art. I wonder what Luciana Haill’s dream machines would reveal?

When I heard she was combining her visuals of brainwaves during lucid dreams, with her art work, I just had to go! I’m SO glad I did!

Her collection, called Sleep Cycles, is amazing and not like anything I’ve seen before. The brainwave displays were creative and fascinating, and her art is absolutely breathtaking!

Presentation to Narcissus, wow! Death by Dreaming, disturbing yet beautiful, I loved the contrast. The Double Mind, incredible artwork, reminds me of some effects of my meditations.

I’d say it’s impossible to view this thought provoking art and not be moved and affected. It’s only there for a few more days, finishing this Sunday 8th January – I would certainly recommend it.

Mel Pross, EnRichmbs

Feedback on ‘SleepCycles’

I went to see the show at the weekend and thought it was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I thought all the pieces were of very high quality. I particularly liked your installation.
I thought all the elements hung together really well to give a powerful experience. The Victoriana strand worked very well through the artefacts and the drawings. The soundscape was also really atmospheric and bound it all together – were the sounds generated from an EEG?

Anyway, great show! – P.H.

SleepCycles Darker_BGM2189