Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness


The Angel of ashes ( pronounce you asleep )

‘Angels and New Jerusalem and Madonnas and Future Budhas’ – Aldous Huxley

I have always enjoyed drawing, it came naturally, the joy in seeing gnarly and aged tree forms, later on anatomy and always the imaginary, the surreal. Where school celebrated the form the sweet pepper ( I was underwhelmed by this repetitive model ) I delved into reading about the paranoiac critical method and hyper real arts.  I paused my passion for drawing in 1994 when I moved into the new frontier of electronic arts and studied a degree in Interactive Art in Wales.

‘Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter;’
Revelation 1:19

Since December 2015, I became interested in the history of Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s consort as this is also my chosen name by confirmation at aged 12. I interpolated the discussions of their relationship and dynamic with my own feelings and these images are the result, the text collage is from a study of the spirit life from an anthropology book from the 1950s. I felt curiously (as an agnostic) compelled to locate a large Bible ( specifically to mount the drawings in) to be displayed on a transparent lecterns, holding each (1 of 7) open at a specific illustration.. this came from Hypnogogia and some insomnia. I was able to locate “Family size” (gigantic bibles) in vintage shops and online, weighing over 6 Kilos and slightly larger than A4 size. However, I am not attempting illustrating the chapters, I am assimilating the controversial and allegorical fantasy accounts into further semantically obtuse, mystical and ambiguous versions of the bible. All images A4 unless stated.


Below : Collection : ‘Revelations’ – original illustrations inside Old Testament to be printed/ displayed in family sized victorian bibles.



Click on an image below to view larger :
Below Right: ‘The Mors Osculi’
Below left : ‘Shekinah Magdalene” (top)
The Myrrhophores : Magdalene (Skekinahs)’ (below)



2015 : Oneiricals and Entrapments ( all images A4 size )
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Below : ‘The Double Bind’ 



Below : ‘Angels of Ashes (pronounce you asleep)’

















Below : ‘The Presentation to Narcissus 2015’
(Part 1 . The unburdening of the infant Narcissus) 29cm x 21cm


















Below : The Presentation to Narcissus (2015)




Below : ‘Death by Dreaming‘ (2015)

Death by Dreaming 2015






Mexico : 2012-2014

Drawings in a day, from day to day feelings, and imminent change.


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The Presentation to Narcissus (part 1 : the unburdening of the infant )


The Beginning  (smaller images, varied –  5″ x 7″ ) within A4 page
This selection shows some of my tiny drawings from dreams from 1989-91

breath_REdonecrowned_man_REdoneTree 1

And here a selection of Beginnings and Mexico oneiricals intermingled, 1990s – 2014
Mini Oni1 Selection : from top left ‘Crowned man’, ‘Breath’, ‘Stone city’, ‘Carpet Crawlers’,
bottom row from left ‘Mackerel dream’, ‘Birthday pre-cog’, ‘Eye Ahh’, ‘whole’

Thank you for taking the time to view my Fine line pen drawings, I am releasing a limited edition of signed & mounted prints for sale. Do email lady_luchi(at) for prices including postage, using Paypal invoices with framing possible.