Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness


I am an Artist working with ‘EEG’ signals to create interactive installations and durational, multimedia performances. I record the brainwave signals using Brainwave monitors, measuring in a non-invasive manner with medical electrodes applied to the surface of the head, often the forehead above each eye to receive EEG from the left and right hemispheres of the Frontal Parietal region. I have been augmenting consciousness as such with portable brainwave interfaces since 1995 – providing in-the-moment feedback by sounds and data visualisations that permit the participant’s EEG to become effectively part of the artwork.

The first artist to harness EEG signal in an Artwork for a live audience was Alvin Lucier, in ‘music for solo performer’ in 1965.

However I am now aware that another of my hero’s, the pioneering neuroscientist in the UK Dr William Grey Walter debuted ‘cerebral music’ during his Desert Island Discs interview on the BBC with Roy Plomley in 1961, however there is no archive recording. (more)


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