Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

The Phrontesterion in Real/Virtual – The Ugly Duck, London

22 June – 25th June 2017

“A cerebral seance”

35376918322_c48a864fe5_kThe experience of the multi sensory installation ‘Phrontesterion’ by digital Fine artist Luciana Haill was noticeable firstly by Bergamot, Clary Sage and Rosemary wafting through the venue during the setup.

Here is an album of photos on Flickr :

Now adapted with a PandoraStar stroboscopic lamp with a Theta brainwave entrainment programme the Phrontesterion transports you into a meditative state and Luciana monitors the impact on visitor’s brainwaves ( this EEG signal is converted into interactive sonifications of the soundscape “I AM THAT I AM”) . This was played to the audience who heard dynamic remixes in the room of previous participants’s whispered ASMR visions, stories, thunder, field recordings from around Wells cathedral, suggestions for the sleeping soul and depending on their response.. quotes from The Jung’s Red book ..

The artwork involves a brainwave monitor, so all the sounds heard are modulated and controlled via the participant – their EEG signal is being recorded in realtime and output as dynamic changes and interaction within a sonic score. A sonification we can hear manifests, as do ‘Entoptic’ patterns, phosphenes and many ‘non-linear narratives’ making a unique phenomenal artwork for each participant (their eyes are closed, and they are wearing headphones in a dentist chair). The Phrontesterion is driven by their brain’s response to a Theta wave (4-8 Hz) entrainment protocol by lights (PandoraStar & Dreamachine), in return they receive access to subconscious idling, reveries and tranquility.
The video below was captured by a floating GoPro in the bird cage and shows the 10 minute experience condensed to one minute.. the following visual analysis is the EEG of the participant made using IBVA software and captured using a 2 channel Brainmachine monitor ( all the sounds are made from the EEG controlling the score, custom Brain Switch Audio Unit plugins are in the library to enable this for each frequency bandwidth from the Left and Right sides of the frontal region ( FP1 and FP2 )

Enter the Void ? #Hypnagogic space / time travel, through surrender more comes to the fore.. brainwaves steering, flickering phosphenes & marvellous entoptic patterns induced in semi darkness, only we see your brainwaves – you will hear
the soundscape has many potential actors and scenes to explore.

#SciArt, #EEG_Art, #Brainwave_music, #Flicker, #Theta, #PandoraStar, #Dreamachine

Wonder what went on inside the installation?
Here are 2 short time distortion / lapse video from the bird cage GoPro !

Thank you to The Curious, intrepid and for being so trusting

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