Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

Sleep EEG

The Science of Sleep

Brainwaves recorded using a 2 channel frontal lobe EEG system ‘IBVA’ on an Intel dual core MacBook April 2008 in Kalani retreat, Hawai’i. The movie file captured after the recording replayed x10 to allow for a few hours to be viewed – original files in realtime are preserved too.

Subject = “M”, Female, lucid dream ability = excellent- almost every night. Other apparatus used : ear plugs, Nova Dreamer (also used as Eye mask)

Part 1.

I watched as the brainwaves change suddenly from high amplitude Beta to mainly Alpha 8Hz on both hemispheres, then gradually the slower waves dominate. All of this is replayed at ‘x10’ tempo. Little change for next 45 minutes just intermittent beta, possibly asleep but noises nearby are listened too which could explain this. Some REM eye movements can also be seen in these sleep recordings, 4.34 ( 43 minutes asleep ) Then at 5.09 Beta on the right begins, subject is sleeping lighter once more after 50 minutes for 2 minutes, more attention coming to the conscious. Then goes deeper again, all waves Theta 4 Hz and below. Finally a Brief REM at 5.58 on the right side can be seen.

Part 2.

Shows some high amplitude Eye and muscle activity at 3.20 (32 minutes into recording)

Part 3.

More REM and high amplitudes of Delta

Initially quite a lot of Beta, could be very light sleep or simply eyes shut with semi-conscious thought processing for first 33 secs (3 minutes 30 secs ) Then the Beta is interupted and the activity diversifies moves down a few hertz into the slower range of Delta. At 58 secs (5minutes 8 secs) a burst of High Eye – REM is clear. Returning to mid Beta on the Right (creative, intuitve, spatial) hemisphere and totally different EEG on the Left hemisphere with slow waves only. A few more bursts of REM then the Beta deeper sleep resumes with stronger Delta and Theta waves only, synchronised. Later more seperate hemispheric EEG can be seen as the Left becomes much more amplified across the frequency spectrum from 0-40hz and the right appears to become calmer, with only slow waves.. – interesting !