Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

The Phrontesterion in The Frequency Festival

PhrontesterionIt’s a very discrete Artwork, really low tech for the main part – and if you give a little time to the piece,  what is revealed (only to you) creates enthusiastic reports and often seems surprising. Of course we are all in the same place, looking at your brainwaves and noting where we think a participant has really gone deeper… imagining what you will tell us…

The Old Drill Hall, 28-29 October 2015.
Following our busy evening taking part in The Royal Academy where we left the Phrontesterion packed from saturday’s “Lates.” I travelled up from St Leonards on sea to meet my little team and we then drove a further  5 hours in traffic to Lincoln. That evening in under 2 hours we had installed The Phrontesterion (Dreamachine installation, comprising a Dentist chair for the elevated and reclined monitoring of EEG, the Phrontesterion is both artist and furnishes installation)  and arranged the essential interviewer/assistant in her own office  / processing zone of the same space. I really enjoyed taking it to a new level of public engagement and the organisation of the  venue enabled me to refine the interaction. We functioned via proper ‘appointments’ every 30 minutes, the public pre-booked these to individually experience the Artwork, and this was divided between time in the chair ( eyes shut, EEG monitor on, sonic-feedback in room and headphones to the guest ) and the feedback informal interview. This allowed us to be calm and participate in the feedback stage together, after they have recovered enough to describe where their mind’s went. This became so surreal and visually interesting, that I am now considering how to develop the multiple feedback elements from strangers, or more politely: non-associated guests into a new element of the piece, such as a ‘dream dress’ composed of my illustrations of their themes and sensations. –

My assistant Miss Rosie who has attended in my performative installations since we offered “Psi-chic’ in an event by The Institute for Unnecessary Research in London’s Shunt in 2007, was excellent in her latest role with a specially edited interview style provided from Sussex University to get the most honest answers without suggestion even from the shyest of guests. Overall, we were in a dark space for 2 days apart from a lunch break which altered our sense of time a little. We were recorded for Radio Lincoln show, and our first participant provided a sketch of aura/ energy  / sense of self shifting, and a great positive feeling of “renewal’ having taken part. Most of the excited guests grossly underestimated the experience in the chair by almost 50%.. and the colours and surreal elements, well I will share some anonymously very soon.


Click on the photo below to view the entire album on Flickr (36 photos)Frequency Festival


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