Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness


Fine line pen drawings, limited edition of signed & mounted prints for sale  .
Order here, email lady_luchi(at) for prices including postage, using Paypal invoices with framing possible.

I paused my passion for drawing in 1994 when I moved into electronic art. This selection shows some of my work from 1989-91 and also new illustrations (since 2013) completed following the study of Lucid Dreaming, many made in Mexico. Some more simple and instant sketches were made immediately upon awakening and will be added here soon.

Below : ‘The Presentation’ (Part 1 . The unburdening of the infant Narcissus) 29cm x 21cm


Below : (left) The Carpet Crawlers,  (right) Eye ah, both 2013

The Carpet crawlers ( Genesis / jet lag )ectoplasmfaces

Below : ‘The Double Bind’ (2015)


Below : Death by Dreaming (2015), Forked Angel (2014), row 2 : Breathe (1990), Crowned Man (1989), row 3 : Root ‘cycle’ (2013), ‘Lungs / feet / modes of transportation’ (2013), row 4 : ‘Mackerel’ (2014), ‘Birthday pre-cog’ (2014). row 5 : ‘Oblivion in a foreign land’ (2014), ‘Trees, known relaxation’ (1989)

DeathbydreamingForked Angel webbreath_REdone crowned_man_REdonecyclefootmackerelbirthdayoblivion copyrootings

Mini Oni1 Selection : from top left ‘Crowned man’, ‘Breath’, ‘Trees’, ‘Carpet Crawlers’, bottom row from left ‘Mackerel’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Eye Ahh’, ‘Internality’

Below : ‘Death by Dreaming‘ (2015)


Below : ‘Angels of Ashes (pronounce you asleep)’ (2015)