Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

‘Creation of the strobes’ : performative installation for SPILL festival

luciana_guido5I was invited to perform in SPILL 2014 festival hosted in Ipswich featuring international live performances, installation, film, discussions, and bizarre parties. Across 5 days there were 100 uncompromising events, taking place at a range of great sites and venues in Ipswich.
I was offered a space known as ‘the mirrored room’ – used for identity parades in the basement of The Old police station in Ipswich. It was cold and dark and painted a scary medical green for calm ambience which felt luciana_guido3dreadful. guido_luciana1I implemented my X-rays of skulls in the ID room with Dreamachine 1 and created a new EEG mask in front of Dreamachine 2 in the second larger room, over 40 minutes. Whilst using a ‘3-D Doodler’ plastic drawing pen to trace and extrude X-rays on a portable light-box, my EEG was monitored and affected the multi-tracked soundscape which I had composed by my brainwaves’ strength, trance and persistence. I also monitored Strobe lights with microphones on the instrument and connected to the audience by holding a stethoscope to it – reading its pulse of 8Hz, the same as the flickering Dreamachine around a hexagonal LED lightbulb.

luciana_guido4luciana_guido2The audience were free to move between the two chambers, exploring the alignment of sinister  skull X-rays arranged on the 2-way mirrored glass. They were illuminated from within the smaller room in this lonely basement space, and the audience without guidance followed me from one Dreamachine chamber to another. Then I invited them (once I had connected the EEG in front of an edwardian dressing-mirror) and passed around some herbs in ‘drug-sample’ bags for Lucid Dreaming and read a few anthropological ‘cut-ups’ from an old book I am working with. Also, I wore a feathered plumed wrap ala Remedios Varo for my latest performance of ‘The creation of the strobes‘  and performed twice during friday October 31st.

Above : Luciana Haill, ‘The Creation of the strobes’, SPILL Festival of Performance 2014, photos by Guido Mencari.

Below: Entrance to The Old Police station, Ipswich (left) and Dreamachine room2 (right)


Below: X-rays, electrodes and making a 3D Doodled mask in realtime (left) and reading with head trapped inside the Victorian Linnet Cage (the cut-up recorded voice elements I implemented ) from the Anthropology book (right)



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