Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

Analogue Oneironism

White Night – Phoenix studios, Brighton, October 2009

Phoenix studios with augemented environment with EEG and Dream Machine

‘Analogue Oneironism’ (EEG + Dream Machine)  : 2009 – 2011
This was originally shown in The Phoenix studios in Brighton in 2009. Invited by* collective from Switzerland in 2009 to submit a sonic response to their stroboscopic pattern inducing templates for recreating the hypnotically flickering of a classic ‘Dream Machine’. This is to be released on CD with other artists sound contributions, and my interpretation of the EEG changes whilst experiencing it. I invited Brian Barritt (psychedelic writer and  friend of Timothy Leary) to my cottage to record his brainwaves whilst he experienced 28 minutes of the 8hz flickr tube on my turntable.

His brainwaves were recorded using the IBVA bluetooth monitor and were then used to trigger abstracted generic sounds from a multi-layered file I created blind in response to the concept of the dream machine. A lot of deeply relaxed Delta was recorded, and a sonification featuring a repetitive  sample triggering by  slow EEG waves, of Roy Orbison  singing ‘go to sleep, everything is all right’ from his track “I close my eyes”.
The Arts and Science creative organisers, Guerilla Scientists invited me to bring the IBVA and the Dream Machine to demonstrate at a science / art happening called ‘Fish Tank’ in The Queen of Hoxton in May 2010 where an interesting response alluded from the audience regarding a telepathic sense of communication, following one participant’s thoughts.
L1100805Forest of Thoughts
“..when Luciana asked that guy who went on the machine 
after me (sic) to think about a bad experience he had –
I immediately thought about being nearly mugged once.
Then when you asked him to reveal what his bad experience was he said being mugged!”
Dee, Robots in Disguise.
(*established in 1983 and formerly known as The Org 23, are an internationally dislocated collective gathering sound and video artists and crafters, promoting the kinetic work of art of Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville known as the Dreamachine)
I also brought the performance installation to The Playgroup festival in 2011 for the ‘Forest of Thoughts’ Art and Science tent.

View photos on Flickr here:whiteNight_DreamMachine+luci+EEG

Equipment: BrainMachine running IBVA5 – 2 channel Bluetooth wireless interactive brainwave monitor on Mac OSX, Brain Machine : CLASSIC (MK23) / 45RPM model,redrawn and adapted for 45RPM turntables by 10111.ORG (Limited edition of 23 in black cardboard and 23 in white Velp)

Listen to an excerpt of an EEG sonification I made in 2014 shared on Soundcloud