Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

Lucid Dreaming methodologies

Having completed a 10 day workshop in Lucid dreaming twice in Hawaii, I can summarise techniques we explored :

Morning sessions would recap any lucid dream experiences amongst our international group of 20 explorers. This did not involve dream analysis as we are interested in heightening our awareness for dream state signifiers – prompts to get Lucid and to avoid near misses. This also involved ‘reality checking’ when something in our waking life could be a dream sign ( curious, naieve, surreal, unusual, flashing(!) or interacted with). Sounds rather basic, but it helps to open your mind in waking consciousness to all these potential opportunities to question “am I dreaming?”, if you want to maintain this mindstate in sleep.

Reality Testing Technique

As the name suggests, the Reality Testing Technique simply involves trying to determine whether you are awake or dreaming by examining the world around you to determine if it is real. There are essentially two components to this technique: being attentive to the world around you and watching for dream signs, and performing routine reality checks during the day. The idea is pretty simple: if you’re able to determine that something you’ve witnessed simply cannot be possible, then you are probably dreaming.

The first thing you should do is train yourself to be on the alert for dream signs during the waking hours, as you need to bring yourself into the habit of questioning the world around you and looking for anything out of the ordinary. This reconditioning of your acceptance of the world around you will hopefully not be constrained within the waking hours alone, but should follow you into the dream world as well. Thus, if you start scrutinising the world while awake, you’ll probably begin the same practice while asleep. Whenever something strange (or slightly out of the ordinary) happens, don’t simply dismiss it. Stop and really think about what happened and decide whether or not it was possible. Obviously the answer must be “yes” if you’re awake, but again the idea is to get in the habit of questioning the world around you so that you’ll do so while dreaming.

Dream journaling

Dream diary journaling also very useful, even when recall was low, we could score it 0-6 and frequency, time of awakening, somatic value, sensory detail, connectedness and so on – Ill add one of our dream rating forms here.

Preparation / Interruption

1. MILD – Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams
2. WILD – Wake-Initiated Lucid Dreams
3. Napping
4. The 61 Point relaxation Technique
5. Hemisync CD of binaural beats or meditative soundscapes
6. Tibettan Budhism – Dream Yoga

The WILD process can be broken into five distinct phases:
Preparation, Awakening, Relaxation, Transition, Stabilisation
This link will take you to more information about these


Herbs and vitamin B6* can be utilised in dream recall experiments, as they assist with production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter useful for memory and focus. We are testing effectiveness of MSM as an aid to dream recall, providing strength to already practised techniques in memory.


We have forms to assist with evaluating the dream – here are 2 PDFs to view :



*Vitamins B6 – I do not take any responsibility for the use of any supplement. Any information provided is for the general knowledge of its viewers and does not necessarily reflect views I share.
As with any supplement you should consult a doctor before using. Extra precautions should be taken if you have any known health risks, prescribed to a medication, pregnant, or nursing.

The Insiders Intrinsic technology – looking for Lucidity ?

For a long time biofeedback ( particularly measuring the brain ) has totally fascinated me. In this project this is particularly intrinsic for my research, recordings and for assisting me with a deeper learning about the changes in brainwaves and consciousness during sleep, especially around the Rapid Eye Movement stage. I’ve been using brainwave biofeedback, measuring EEG in various conscious and altered states for over 15 years. I began with a simple 70’s electronics enthusiasts’ magazine device I built whilst studying a degree in Interactive Art in Newport Wales ( led by Roy Ascott, and inspired with hands-on experiments in the sound / electonics lab by Pete Appleton ). It was a simple Alpha EEG device eg ‘tone ON, or tone OFF’, annoying and cute. After much primitive web searching – this was in the ancient times before there were fancy web browsers with rich media content, I found a company making the type of device I craved, called the ‘IBVA” in Japan…. It’s a long story but by 2004 I found my interest had also become my business, and I was selling it internationally to Apple Mac advocates – artists, musicians and universities. Ive also tried some other systems of course, pc based ones, the EEG trainer, MindMirror, ThoughtStream, Pocket Neurobic are some.

Lucid Dreaming technology toolkit :

1. The pen and paper, or dream journal and quill pen, or LED pen for secret nocturnal scribbles.
Ok not a modern technology, but essential equipment for anyone prepared to put in the time and effort with recall, memory, planning ahead, dream journalling, and the mental techniques described elsewhere.


2. The NovaDreamer


During the LD course in Hawaii we were offered the NovaDreamer to assist with out training, we had over 7 nights to adjust to it, and calibrate for our differing sensitivities in sleep. We could also download by USB our cues and REM activity from the night to pc for quantative analysis and evaluation with (any) dreams or LD encounters to go with our dream journals.


It is a type of biofeedback detecting REM eye movements from inside a soft sleep mask, then it gives you a cue (flashing lights or sounds) to remind you to recognise you are dreaming. Cues enter your dream, becoming incorporated just as an alarm or radio will sometimes work its way into a dream.

I would continue to persevere with this device if commercially available ( maybe later in 2008 a new generation of this tech will retail from The Lucidity Institute )

In the meantime this custom Kvasar system looks good, with similar sensitivity, here are the plans to build it :
Kvasar dreammask