Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

Hypnagogic visions after Dreamachine immersion with Luciana.

After the session at the MOMI, I went home, had a normal supper, drinking water and one slice of bread with Benacol spread and a plate of spiced lentil soup.  I went to bed about two hours later.  Lying flat in bed, I closed my eyes and waited for sleep.  Slowly a vision appeared of a bright light blue background in the shape of a giant egg covered in pin-sharp scratches floating in all directions.  Next, soft cloud-like formations with tiny bright pin-sized flashes of light floated through.  The scratches slowly disappeared and the egg-shape faded away being replaced by a clear grey background with a fantastic sharp line of very dark grey prickly vegetation moving across the landscape from infinity to fairly good close up which just continued for some time.  More clouds appeared with the twinkling lights which then slowly disappeared into flat planes moving against each other.  At this stage I fell asleep, unable to hold the vision.  In the night I woke up probably about two to three hours after falling asleep and noticed nothing unusual and went back to a dreamless comfortable sleep.  In the morning I went to switch on the computer to check up on the weather.  Much to my amazement, either with one eye or both eyes open, brilliant sharp clear-edged colour on the screen… never seen before, and I could see and read everything clearly with no difficulty.  I then tried having a look at a few photographs and images and read a newspaper.  The clarity was quite amazing.  The clarity was still with me at breakfast time and I was able to read all the minute tiny wording on food packets which I have been unable to do for years without the aid of a magnifying glass… how long will this effect last?  I should imagine that it may have been exercising the eye muscles looking at the Dreamachine.
Harold Chapman, 14.08.15

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