Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

Harold Chapman


I traveled to Deal on the Kent coast with Bronac Ferran where we set up 2 Dreamachines in The MOMI. Our first meeting with the owners Joss Marsh & David, also invited and present were Harold Chapman and his partner Claire and their friend Zynovy. Serendipity abounded as we allowed the flickering light to invigorate our neurons across our closed eyelids.

Afterwards, days and even a week later, after effects and memories are being discussed. The most interesting for me, is the effect it has had on Harold’s poor eyesight in one eye – a marked improvement in colour and focus.

His description can be read here.


‘I could hear a pin drop

In the room today

Where Harold sat

His face concentrating

On listening to whatever

IMG_9495Mind was flowing through him

In the light of the dreamachine

Its ecstatic colours

Chasing away the cats and the monotone

he spoke of seeing colours

IMG_9493Of a green and a blue, of a breaking

In two of the images

Of a layering

And a geometric separation.

I felt his power of retrieval

Of a life lived in the power of image-making

And now old ghosts of locations shed

Like reels of photographic film

Return to presence: like 

Illuminated sarcophagi

His words seem distant though

For the images are still running through him

He is somewhere back in time

Lost under the surface

Bound in the backward unravelling’

– Bronac Ferran 13.08.15


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