Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

EEG & DreamMachine

Dreamachines (3) with EEG in The October Gallery :

On the 19th of September 2015 I presented a keynote about A history of Flicker from Purkinje, Helmholtz, Grey Walter, and Brion Gysin followed by 1.5 hours with multiple special LED DreamMachines in a session for 30 paying guests upstairs in the reading room. Click here to see more photos and read comments about this event.


Dreamachines : in Deal (with Beats photographer Harold Chapman, August 2015)

We travelled to meet Harold and friends in the MOMI, Deal for an afternoon session with unexpected beneficial after-effects.

, The Science museum, March 2015, South Kensington, London (free)

From 6.30-9.30pm we were exploring the phenomenon of Theta brainwaves entrained  in guests who patiently waited in the queue, through the phenomena of ‘Flicker’ from an eyes-closed Dreamachine experience.



‘Build your own Dreamachine’,  February 2014, FACT, Liverpool
I have given workshops and presentations about The Dreamachine, the effects of “Flicker” and how Human EEG entrains in response to these photically induced frequencies in Theta and Alpha brainwaves.

image-18image-4 image-20 image-21image-3


This led me to produce the artwork “Analogue Oneironism” which involves monitoring the participant’s brainwaves whilst they experience with their eyes shut, the effects of ‘Flicker”. The brainwave’s are converted into interactive variables that modulate a multi layered sound composition, allowing dynamic versions to be generated by an audience, from one score.
The design of a dream machine template is graphically so to elicit an alpha wave state via the flickering photic stimulation.
It can be observed during this experiment the subject repeatedly and often settles into an Alpha/Theta wave state across both hemispheres through exposure upto 15 minutes duration. Entrainment visible after 2 minutes, with no Beta, and 8Hz maximum frequency.

Build you own Dreamachine, workshop in Liverpool, see some photos from FACT, February 2014

Dreamachine with EEG in Mexico city DF, some photos from “Movement in Mind” in CENART workshop for EEG exploration using DreamMachine, flicker and AV stim from light/binaural device

the last night at CENART, arte nuevas ciencias V, 2012Analogue Oneironism, live EEG sonification of DreamMachineTesting the AV brain-stim device with IBVA EEG in CENARTEEG of Tae KwonDo (attack of the Brainwave projections)Most of us from CENART arte nuevas ciencias V, 2012

IBVA in Mexico, a set on Flickr.

Academic papers discussing the stroboscopic ERP and flicker in a laboratory with human volunteers.