Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

Cyber Sleep

Cyber Sleep :
Interactive multi user installation using EEG monitors and through investigating the art of Lucid Dreaming. I began my research by attending a workshop for Lucid Dreaming (awareness within a dream to steer the experience) in Hawai’i, USA in April 2008. This internationally attended course provided me with the specialist training and research material necessary for creating new work. To measure this contingent state of dynamic, reciprocal change I use non-invasive brainwave biofeedback, vital for acquiring more sample material for my ongoing artistic practice. I like the IBVA brainwave monitoring system that runs on Macs, its a bluetooth BCI and allows for upto 8 hours continuous recording. I have met Dr Stephen LaBerge; the world-renowned expert on Lucid dreaming whose groundbreaking research at Stanford University demonstrated its validity to the scientific world. ‘Lucid dreaming is an altered d-SoC (discrete state of consciousness) characterized by the lucid dreamer experiencing himself as located in a world or environment that he intellectually knows is “unreal” (or certainly not ordinary physical reality) while simultaneously experiencing the overall quality of his consciousness as having clarity, the lucidity of his ordinary waking d-SoC.’ – Charles Tart

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping – so why should sleeping be downtime for artistic yield?

In the 1950s Norbert Wiener developed the field of Cybernetics, coining the term “Cyber” from the Greek ‘to steer’ – to take control. He claims that the quality of man-machine communication influences man’s inner well being. This inspired scientists to think of computer technology as a means to extend human capabilities. As an Interactive Artist EEG monitors are my tools, these ‘Cyber-technologies’ for detecting and amplifying biological signals. My work also encompasses the exploration of States of Consciousness and techniques (such as hypnosis) to master self control, enrich creativity and psychic equilibrium, Brain Computer Interaction (BCI), Esoteric practices, and through lecturing – the context in which Brainwave Music has evolved. This Project commenced on April 18th 2008 – when I flew to Hilo (Big Island), Hawaii to attend an annual unique workshop for development of Lucid Dreaming in Kalani. Through my participatory experience and by extending my network of contacts, I became immersed in an environment with dedicated ‘Oneironauts’ (lucid dreamers). I will keep a record of the group’s achievements and with their consent – monitor their brainwaves (EEG). I will also try to investigate recording a lucid dreamer’s brainwaves whilst communicating with the “waking world” – utopian research.