Luciana Haill

Brainwaves Augmenting Consciousness

Augmented Consciousness

ArthurB_photoI augment consciousness using a portable brainwave monitor to record the brain’s EEG signal and provide realtime digital feedback of this brainwave data in 4D to the participant. I create work with emphasis on the effects of generative feedback, occasionally sonifying the output via a 5:1 surround or specialist 3D ‘Audioscape’ system. This digital biofeedback enhancement technique known as neurofeedback can enhance users’s experience of an ASC (Altered State of Consciousness).

November 2013
I began to explore sounds of EEG during performance  together with professional musician Arthur Brown in Lewes. I am looking forward to working with him more this year before he tours his new music and artistic incorporation of EEG into his stage shows, you can read more about that in The Lewes Musical Express paper



September 2013
Accessing the Hybrid Morphology during Lucid Dreaming:
How can primary and secondary aspects of consciousness be investigated neurobiologically?

New methodologies allow the experimental manipulation of dream content at sleep onset, permitting an objective and scientific study of dream formation and a renewed search for the possible functions of dreaming and the biological processes subserving it.
New evidence from quantitative electroencephalographic (EEG) studies suggests that Lucid Dreaming is the subjective experience of a waking dream in a hybrid brain state, with the rare but instructive coactivation of both primary and secondary consciousness circuits. When subjects shift from non-lucid to lucid REM sleep, they show an increase in the high-frequency (40 Hz) band of their frontal EEG. This sort of high-frequency EEG activity could represent the synchronization of cortical neuronal activity that is necessary to effect the temporal binding that is believed to be essential to waking consciousness.
‘Hybrid Morphology’ collates subjective dream recall data from participants, and invesitgates how this affects other aspects of dreaming, as during REM sleep a parallel increase in bizarre, hyperassociative elements and emotions are recalled.


I have 15 years experience in this Art Science realm, here are links to some projects developed since 2006:

  • Psi Chic
    3 years of presentations and brainwave sonification with the audience, initiailly self funded, developed and toured with the Future of Sound. By 2008, Arts Council funded.
    Themes: Hypnosis / trance / stages. Listen here on Myspace
  • Analogue Oneironism
    DreamMachine project – exploring theta and alpha wave insights, as pioneered by Brion Gysin and pioneering work of Dr Hans Berger inventing EEG and next Dr Walter Grey and Smythies’  research on EEG and photic entrainment with strobes. Gysin and William Burroughs carried this into their scene with the Beat poet’s development of  ‘Flicker’, with Sommerville’s design for The Dream Machine.
    Themes: Relaxation & Reverie via a Dream Machine, EEG,
  • Cyber Sleep
    Investigating Lucid Dreaming, following participation in 2 workshops with Dr Stephen La Berge (who brought Lucid Dreaming into psychological scientifically proven realm) , Tibetan dream yoga and sleep patterns using biofeedback and neurofeedback in a retreat in Hawaii.
    Themes: Sleep – REM stage / Lucid Dreaming, OBE, EEG
  • Other themes under observation : Tai-chi, Orgone Energy, Dowsing, OBEs (out of body experience), Theta brainwave state, accessing the subconscious = ‘Theta healing