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Taking inspiration from these pioneers and imagining future fictions of how Alvin Lucier & Charlotte Moorman who place themselves at the centre of their interaction would engage in GenieMo telepresence. I took into consideration how this would be different to the remote engagement in Telematic Dreaming, the telematic interaction was made complete by projecting a person from one location onto a bed in the other location – the gallery, permitting the audience to position themselves more or less inside this networked scenario. Two publicly accessible locales were interconnected through the experience. Some people cuddled up to their distant connection, aligning body parts to further touch or nestle into a virtual human in realtime. Originally I hoped to make a multiplicity of reciprocal transformations but  these elements of engagement that are currently missing. The connection facilitated by GenieMo’s ‘social casting’ function into Google Meets where  other participants ‘the audience’ appear, althoughreduced in a 2D tiled gallery view on a screen, and currently due to covd-19 lockdown, they are most likely at home. Mediated through a monitor is not the desired view, the next stage as lockdown restrictions ease in the UK and social distancing rules are relaxed is to develop the piece through IRL & url interactions. This limitation raises the question around if ‘home’ becomes a performative / gallery space. It appears for now that the telematic engagement is even more disconnected than being in a gallery. I realise what I want to achieve when I test the work is  hybrid virtual physical experience where the public are allowed to explore the piece and see themselves becoming part of the screen as well as (or instead of ) watching it through a social media presence live-streamed.

A paper will be presented in July 2021 as part of EVA London, accompanied by a demonstration and possibly a research workshop if time permits.

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