I am making a brainwave-triggered immersive spatiotemporal artwork ‘Into the Rose Garden’ involving GenieMo exploring a nostalgic yearning for a presence and immediacy that never has existed and never will. I experimented streaming cognitive feedback during poetic & performative aesthetics of infinitudes.

‘Into the rose garden’ fuses mixed media, Cyberculture, Psychophysics, hauntology, computer science, neurofeedback & the virtual through research, practice, and theory originally conceived as a networked performance installation, inspired by the poem ‘Burnt Norton’ by TS Eliot 

“Other echoes

Inhabit the garden. 

Shall we follow?” – TS Elliot

And the paper coauthored with Professor Nick Lambert has been accepted for EVA 2021 in July entitled ‘Synthesis: making magic with GenieMo – an artistic investigation interconnecting 4-dimensional social-spatial casting with brainwave feedback into multi-dimensional motion artworks’ with an accompanying streamed demonstration of the artwork.

‘The difference between inner experience and philosophy resides principally in this: that in experience, what counts is no longer the statement of wind, but the wind.’ – Inner Experience, Georges Bataille