Like other self-employed artists I have looked into my last 3 years tax returns to see what grant I may be eligible for from UK HMRC in a week. I looked into my cancelled future earnings (which was a less promising for payments for public panel discussion talks I am taking part in), some are postponed, others reschedule for a Zoom (or equivalent) version.. all of these happening and academic showcases, however, are unpaid!
How would you feel ? If it wasn’t for Brighton University (employing me as a visiting lecturer on the MA Digitial Media Arts course), and small private groups I have built up over the years to give workshops to in London – who expect to pay their facilitating artist, I would have little on my tax return as an artist. An artist for 18 years.

Who cares, only I wonder why I struggle to make an income? Even before Covid19 I am not offered fees to participate in over half the events I take part in, even though ticket entry is charged by the organiser. I have also been the organiser, in Lucid Dreaming Workshops before they became hip and de Jour in the UK.. making less than £60 after all costs and helpers were recompensed.

So here I sit,  more emergency funds applied for, supported by some amazing artists and friends to not take this personally and await our global outcome.

Illuminated cobbled street in old city by night
Illuminated cobbled street with light reflections on cobblestones in old historical city by night. Dark blurred silhouette of person evokes Jack the Ripper. Black and white image.