Luciana Haill creates artworks that explore altered states of consciousness, and focus on sleep, lucid dreaming, memory and nostalgia. Having completed the first ever degree in interactive art in the UK, led by Roy Ascott in Newport in 1995, she pioneered the use of brainwave monitoring and creates artworks which combine digital media, augmented reality, performance, drawing and binaural soundscapes. 

Inspired by the surrealists and the Beat Generation Haill creates performances where she controls her own brainwave patterns using dreamachines or timed strobe lights in order to trigger dream-like soundscapes and visuals in real-time. Such performances have taken place at venues including Waag Society (Netherlands) and Kibla (Slovenia), FACT (UK) and SPILL Festival (UK). She has also exhibited installations using found objects and digital projections at venues including Phoenix Art Space (UK) and Watermans London (UK). 

Most recently she has been working with augmented reality and storytelling to bring lost heritage sites in her home town of Hastings and St Leonards back to life through the creation of 3D models and soundscapes which are triggered by antique postcards. The artworks have led to an interest in the changing face of British seaside towns and the urgent issue of gentrification.

She is a visiting lecturer for the MA course in Digital Media Art in The University of Brighton.