On Friday 31.01.2O I will be interviewed for Trebuchet Magazine by Kalias in London in The Gunmakers, 13 Eyre St Hill , Clerkenwell and invite you to join us

As this edition of Trebuchet talks is about portraiture I will explain how I achieve this through the intangible medium of brainwave monitoring. I create art using EEG signals and describe how I explore generative iterations of realtime portraits [only visible by measuring behind the mask we all arrive with]. I am interested most in where the changes in the firing of neurons and the electric potentials occur, and what else can be revealed by that.

Describing my path from Interactive Art in the 90s, and recent explorations into Mixed Realities, influenced by Mark Fisher, nostalgia & heritage

Its free to attend but please register :

The Gunmakers, 13 Eyre St Hill , Clerkenwell

Nearest tube: Farringdon / Chancery Lane (Doors 6pm talks 7pm).

Photo by Kelly Wilkinson K W ROMH Photography