Alan space EEGBeyond the Brain took place November 2-3 in Westminster University London. Sonic elements including a trip on London underground Jubilees line were altered by participant’s brainwaves wheb I showed my latest brainwave engaging expansive experience ‘Ecstasis’.  For the first time adding a wearable Subpac speaker on the body to the sounds heard in headphones during a choreographed ‘flow state’ entraining strobe lights experience for a heightened intermingling of the senses. It was an amazing combination of minds exploring science and spiritual practices, the boundary between neuroscience and mystical experience, transpersonal psychology, psychedelics and the brain, after-death communication, and consciousness in relation to the brain and the universe.

I will next show this artwork in London on November 13 in Modern Panic X – No Boundaries, in the Truman Brewery, London. This is an exploration into the world of cyber artainment & immersive artivism. As multidimensional technology evolves, so opens new possibilities for a new breed of maker to blur boundaries…
Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Ln, Spitalfields, London E1 6QR

Explore an emerging mixed media movement, exponentially pushing the fringes of the human imagination and experience in new ways.
More info and tickets link here