Altered state of consciousness induced by 12 minutes in front of a flashing white strobe light, with eyes closed, the audience receive a ‘Theta’ tempo to entrain brainwaves & enter a Hypnagogic reverie . It transports you into a meditative state, as the artist monitors each visitor’s brainwaves & converts into sound controllers,  fed-back to the participant as changes in the generative sonification.

Various levels of Alpha & Theta waves modulate  voices & frequencies, new ideas come to the fore, time distorts. Feedback reveals increased relaxation, refreshed creativity & non linear thinking.

A sonification we can hear manifests, as do ‘Entoptic’ patterns, phosphenes and many ‘non-linear narratives’ making a unique phenomenal artwork for each participant (their eyes are closed, and they are wearing headphones in a dentist chair).