My work explores altered states of consciousness & I have a strong background in working with brainwave analysis (EEG) to create immersive artworks & performances. Much of my recent work has focussed around sleep, lucid dreaming & its relationship to surrealism. I experienced viral meningitis as a teenager which led to a fascination with the brain & I graduated in 1996 from the first UK degree in Interactive art led by the pioneer Roy Ascott.

I am artist in residence: honorary research fellowship in the Department of Psychology at the University of Greenwich where I explore ways of creating dream-like states. My latest works trace the convergence of tools, inventions & ideas from early neuroscience with those of ‘The Beats’ in Paris focussed on the “Dreamachine”. This work builds on my past visiting research fellowship in the Centre for Computational Neuroscience & Robotics at the University of Sussex.

I have created installations & performances internationally at major venues, including The Royal Academy, The Royal Institution, Watermans Gallery, The Sage Gateshead, The Waag Society Amsterdam, CENART in Mexico City, FACT, KIBLA Slovenia & Kinetica Art Fair.

I previously co-created a pioneering mobile phone geo-location based artwork in 2006 called “Bio-tracking” which was launched as part of Brighton Photobiennial Fringe & showcased at STEIM in Amsterdam as part of the Mobile Music Workshop & my new work exploring augmented reality brings together these multiple threads.

Theosophical Selfie - Luciana Haill