I am looking to take bookings with the lamp in gyms and wellness centres in London and The South East  – below is an excerpt and here is the complete PDF with images

Pandora LampWhat Lucid Strobe Light can offer clients
To remove brain-fog, engage in non-verbal problem solving & as a space for self-reflection, the lamp allows your mind space to w&er. So this can be an interlude in your day, between appointments or before heading out for a busy evening, to rejuvenate your mind ! The most common benefit people report after a session is of a new vitality; a familiar but forgotten sense of being more their natural self & over time, positive changes in many other areas of their lives.

The light can flicker between many choreographed, changing frequencies, driving brain activity into different high level states of mind. Analogous to dedicated routines working out certain muscle groups in a gym, this can encourage the ‘entrainment’ of different brainwaves such as mAlbertoPandoraore Alpha for heightened creativity & deep relaxation. Fast Gamma waves are important when you want to increase cognition & improve IQ, and fast Beta waves are noticed in studies to beneficial for higher focus & concentration. We really like Theta as its a resting state and helps with receiving visuals in meditation, insight & memory. Finally the really slow Delta waves are best for deep sleep & healing.

This is popular with professionals at any time of the day for creative visualisation & entertainment. We can help you select from a menu of different programmes to help you experience more relaxation & stress management. We select music without lyrics to accompany from Baroque, white noise, nature, to experimental / electronic, psychedelic & even our own compositions ‘Per Diem’ to help immerse you.

This image is  IBVA (EEG analysis) showing Beta waves  focused on both sides of the brain, the clusters of ‘brainwave peaks’ are very clear.

IBVAScreenSnapz003.jpgFor instance – you have a busy schedule, you need to focus and deliver results fast, this state can create an inhibitory effect – the pressure sometimes prevents the solution from coming, so that’s when its good to ‘shuffle your deck’ ! When deadlines are inhibiting your creative flow & genius – there are protocols in the light for that too – such as ‘Cognitive Enhancement’ & well-being. If you are working already on some changes, self esteem, or fitness goals we can aid you with different light settings & speeds to aid Self-hypnosis & personal development.

email help@brainmachine.co.uk for prices and more information