I am interested in transient, liminal states of consciousness such as Near Vegetative states, Out of Body (OBE), Altered states (ASC), Hypnagogic (d-SoC) states close to sleep and during Hypnosis.

My work is creatively implementing neurotechnologies, digital media, performance, sound and drawing. My artworks are research-led, and develop following encounters and (where possible) training with the pioneers in her field. My works focus on Lucid Dreaming and Hypnagogia, investigating the neural correlates, suggesting and stimulating the surreal psychophenomenological characteristics preceding an Altered State of Consciousness, and interviewing participants about their experiences.

I make light-driven installations that stimulate (behind closed eyes) colourful patterns of phosphenes: ‘form constants’ and ‘Flicker’ visuals intrinsic in these ephemeral artworks during which I also monitors percipients’ brainwaves using a portable EEG system. In the 1950s these were triggered by Neuro Scientists for clinical research into epilepsy and mescaline’s effects using strobe lights – and this revealed a wealth of patterns known as ‘Entoptics’ that appear very similar to early cave art and the Hypnagogic patterns described in Sleep research in the liminal stage sleep onset. What is expressed by percipients to my works are descriptions of very similar visuals and sometimes Eidetic visions, often with a compressed time distortion, akin to light hypnosis and rejuvenating siestas that lead to sudden unexpected inspirations during ‘reverie’.

My research includes training with Dr Stephen Laberge from The Lucidity Institute in Hawaii, and more recently meeting Dr Keith Hearne in London – the UK pioneer responsible for detecting Lucid Dreaming in the sleep laboratory, in this fascinating area of Psychology. My work traces the convergence of tools, inventions and ideas from early Neuroscience with those of ‘The Beats’ in Paris – such as the Theta-wave inducing flickering Dreamachine and the symbiont mind of author William Burroughs and artist Brion Gysin. I have connected several times in Deal, Kent with the original photographer of this era Harold Chapman (now in his nineties) for further research.
I have access to my own 2 channel EEG for use in non clinical environments on FP1 and Fp2. Now I also work as neurotherapist using 20 channels of Q-EEG using TruScan. I explore changes in ASC and sleep stages. I am also a member of SAN, IASD and ASSC, studying meditation, Oneironism and dSoCs as a digital artist, i can offer a fresh approach to modes of communication through artistic dialogue and aspirational desires to communicate with Mind when the Brain is not functioning well.