See and hear the outcomes here as 10 minutes is compressed to 1 minute 43 seconds, all sounds are triggered by EEG and all Entoptic and Phosphene ephemeral visuals are experienced by the percipient in the dentist chair, behind closed eyelids.

The Phrontesterion is a phenomenal artwork experienced with their eyes are closed, with wearing headphones in a dentist chair. You are in an experiential feedback loop originally between a classic ‘Dreamachine’ (designed by artist Brion Gysin in the 1960s) spinning on a record player, and your brainwaves, as they are monitored and implemented to engage as realtime modulators of sonic samples and volumes. Since 2016 this has been updated with a ‘PandoraStar’ programmable stroboscopic lamp running a ‘Theta’ brainwave entrainment programme, the Phrontesterion transports you into a meditative state.

During the expansive installation artist Luciana Haill monitors the impact on each visitor’s brainwaves (the EEG signal) that communicates to MIDI and audio unit plugins, altering the multilayered soundscape containing 2 tracks of a voice repeating Gysin’s mantra “I AM THAT I AM”). This was played to guests via headphones and to the queue who hear dynamic remixes in the room of previous participants’s whispered ‘ASMR’ visions, feedback stories, thunder, field recordings from around Wells cathedral, suggestions for the sleeping soul and depending on their response.. quotes from The Jung’s Red book..

The experience occurs in a dentist chair, with closed eyes to allow the ‘Entoptic’ patterns & phosphenes stimulated from the white flashing lights to entertain and transport – their effects maybe hallucinations, shadow patterns and many ‘non-linear narratives’. Theta waves (4-8 Hz) are meditative and attention is tuned inwards when entrained by a protocol flickering lights (PandoraStar & Dreamachine). Participants receive access to subconscious idling, reveries and tranquility. Interviews are conducted afterwards to received subjective feedback by the artist and her assistant.

The video was captured by Go Pro and shows the 10 minute experience condensed to one minute.. the following visual analysis is the EEG of the participant made using IBVA software and captured using a 2 channel Brainmachine monitor ( all the sounds are made from the EEG controlling the score, custom Brain Switch Audio Unit plugins are in the library to enable this for each frequency bandwidth from the Left and Right sides of the frontal region ( FP1 and FP2 )