Phrontesterion in The Frequency Festival

PhrontesterionLincoln, 28-29 October 2015. After the show in The Royal Academy, my little team drove 5 hours and installed The Phrontesterion ( Dreamachine installation, in a Dentist chair with EEG, artist and interview assistant ) upstairs in The Drill Hall in Lincoln, and really enjoyed taking it to a new level of public engagement and refined the interaction. We had ‘appointments’ every 30 minutes, pre-booked to individually experience the Artwork, and this was divided between time in the chair ( eyes shut, EEG monitor on, sonic-feedback in room and headphones to the guest ) and the feedback informal interview. This became so interesting, that I am now considering how to develop the multiple feedback elements from non-associated guests into a new element of the piece, such as a ‘dream dress’ composed of my illustrations of their themes and sensations.

My regular assistant Miss Rosie was excellent in her role with a specially edited interview style provided from Sussex University to get the most honest answers without suggestion even from the shyest of guests. Overall, we were in a dark space for 2 days apart from a lunch break which altered our sense of time a little. We were recorded for Radio Lincoln show, and our first participant provided a sketch of aura/ energy  / sense of self shifting, and a great positive feeling of “renewal’ having taken part. Most of the excited guests grossly underestimated the experience in the chair by almost 50%.. and the colours and surreal elements, well I will share some anonymously very soon.




Click on this photo to view the entire album on Flickr. Frequency Festival


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