KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia

Photos and Videos from KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia, 7-9 October 2015
Installation Phrontesterion “I AM THAT I AM” ( Early 17th century: from Greek phrontistērion, from phrontistēs ‘deep thinker’, from phrontizein ‘be thoughtful’, from phrontis ‘thought’.) Edited to incorporate ‘test’ for non-linear thinking, visions, hallucinations, or Entoptic patterns. Sonification during the monitoring of brainwaves, a test of the receptivity to “flicker” from the Dreamachine. The voices can guide, mock, relax, or distract the participant, the volume of each track and its presence in the audible mix, is entirely controlled by the brainwaves interacting with the composition. Too much can become far too much, and the ideal presence of significant Theta waves and Alpha in the EEG , are rewarded with the mantra penned by Gysin, inspired by God to Moses in the Bible.











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