12.09.15 : I’ve been working with Arthur Brown in Lewes on developing a new performative piece of Art, incorporating the EEG monitoring in realtime, and we debuted a piece as the intro to “Time Captains” during his set with his band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. This is just the beginning of our partnership as musical performers to use ‘Brain Music’ technology to present the world’s first ‘Psychosonic’ live performance at this year’s Bestival in Bestival on The Isle of Wight.

Read the full interview here on MetalTalk

In Arthur Brown’s own words: “We found when I played Dobro or my petrol-can slideguitar more activity happened on the right hemisphere. When I dance like a dervish, a huge amount of Theta activity happened on both sides, so we learned to implement certain physical activities effecting the metaphysical and changing the cognitive activity and real-time sound piece.

“It has occasionally looked like this would never happen. People flaked out, or lost interest, or just ditched the idea to go and do something else. But three things helped.

“I was an ornery cuss. I knew that it is surprising how things will actually happen when it looks completely like they won’t. And that if you fix on an event in the future, and visualise it with all your senses, it will draw you to it, rather than you pushing towards it. So, I held my vision, and here we are now…

“I also like the cutting edge of technology, where culture meets science. Also, what music is, is only an agreement to look at humans and sound in a particular way. I like to know what happens when you look at it in a different way.

“I don’t yet know fully where this investigation will lead. Certainly the ability to use brain activity joined to computers means that a musical genius will be able by himself, or joined in a group with others, to manipula