I have been invited to Transmission Symposium to speak and present my work involving EEG with an augmented Dreamachine “Phrontesterion” in Bournemouth. Artists from fields as diverse as performance, music composition and dance are opening routes to translate Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) into new audiovisual forms. Transmission explores new strategies and existing avenues in the field of brainwave interpretation for arts and research. Bournemouth Media School, a center for excellence in media production hosts a conference to debate synergies, current developments and future objectives on the intersection between art and technology. 

Transmission brings together artists and researchers in the field of BCI visualisation and sonification, providing the opportunity to present ongoing projects, exchange ideas and to define the cornerstones of future developments. The Transmission Symposium offers a worldwide unique forum for an emerging network between arts and science.

4th of February 2015 10:30-16:30
Bournemouth University Executive Business Center
89 Holdenhurst Rd BH8 8EB



Photo of Martyn Ware with Luciana in The Phrontesterion from Kinetica ArtFair, London, October 2014.