Creation of the birds

Music for flickering performer (8Hz)

The Waag society, 28.03.14
(performance was repeated due to technical error on saturday 29th) with a Dreamachine, BrainMachine EEG, Varo inspired  in Amsterdam, and emergency repair by Mitch Altman !Luci_EEG_waag


I decided the technology should be hidden, as EEG always distracts with the presence of  visible biofeedback. The electrodes mounted to skin then connection covered with feathered avian mask inspired by ‘The Creation of The Birds” painting by Spanish surrealist Remedios Varo in 1957.

Sonifying my EEG during exposure up close (eyes closed) staring into a scientific strobe and relaxing on the floor next the flickering, hypnotic dreamachine. Capturing atmospheric and esoteric energies in The Waag’s “Theatrum Anatomicum”, with mirror, laser beam, 8hz strobe light and flickering analogue dreamachine – all sounds were triggered by the EEG of the performer. Voices spoke of the surrealist manifesto, descriptions categorised by John Smythies of  the effects of flicker exposure in scientific conditions in his experimental work in the 1950’s. The more Smythies worked with the
stroboscope the more complicated the patterns became. Some patterns seemed like “pond life”, “bacteria”, “germs”,“plankton”, and “lovely tropical fish in a blue tank”. “Victorian wall paper”also made appearances. I will publish the soundtracks soon.