21 and 22 February 2014 / 12pm – 4pm / FREE / Drop-in

Family Workshop: Make Your Own Dream Machine

The dream machine is a paper tube with a pattern cut in the side. You spin it on a record player, hang a light inside, and look at it – with your eyes closed! The dream machine was designed  by a mathematician called Ian Sommerville working with a poet/painter called Brion Gysin to create a dream-like feeling through the flickering effect of light as the tube turns.

You can make one easily out of paper and we’ll be helping you to do it. Paint, collage or illustrate the inside of your dream machine for added effect. We’ll have old record players and lights to hang inside. It’s going to be a session for making,  testing, painting, and dreaming…

The workshop is for ages 5 to 95 and will be adult supervised. All materials will be provided.

Facilitated by John Fass, Luciana Haill and Bronac Ferran.Image