Be Receptive Art and Science Symposium

Be Receptive is a collection of artworks by local artists and Brighton and Sussex Medical School students exploring personalised medicine, genetics, asthma, and child health; investigating new research that demonstrates how genetics impacts the effectiveness of medicine.

Be Receptive !
Institute for Unnecessary Research artists (l-r) Alex May, Anna Dumitriu, Teresa Sundt, Luciana Haill, Simon Hall

The artworks are inspired by the research in this area undertaken by Professor Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Chair of Paediatrics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. An average of two children in every classroom are affected by asthma. A child’s genetics can decide how effective their medicine is and the search is on for the right matches. New research suggests that gene testing asthmatic children could lead to better treatment, by ensuring they receive the right medicine.

Exhibition artist/curator, Anna Dumitru has worked closely with Professor Mukhopadhyay to develop an exhibition that explores these themes. She said: “I’m so pleased to be involved with this exhibition, which demonstrates once again, that Brighton and Sussex Medical School is at the forefront of bringing art and science together to reach out to new audiences with their research, inviting the public to engage in debates about the direction of new advances in medicine”

Prof Mukhopadhyay said:” We are exploring new ways of treating asthma and allergy in children. We hope the exhibition helps to make our work more accessible to children and their parents and carers. Their informed views will influence our future research. This is why the exhibition and the symposia are very important for our research, and for the translation of our research to clinical practice.”

Be Receptive Symposium
To mark this exhibition, BSMS is also hosting an art and science symposium – a multidisciplinary afternoon of discussion and debate by artists, clinicians, medical researchers and carers, which will further investigated personalised medicine, genetics, asthma and issues of child health. An exhibition viewing follows the symposium. See photos of the opening night and artworks here :



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