Looking at sleep stage changes and ‘lucidity’ – more likely during REM sleep, roughly every 45 minutes.
Part 1.

I watched as their brainwaves change suddenly from high amplitude Beta to mainly Alpha 8Hz on both hemispheres, then gradually more slow waves dominate. All of this is replayed at ‘x10’ tempo. Little change for next 45 minutes just intermittent beta, possibly asleep but noises nearby are listened too. Some REM eye movements can also be seen in these sleep recordings, 4.34 ( 43 minutes asleep ) Then at 5.09 Beta on right begins, subject is sleeping lighter once more after 50 minutes for 2 mintues, more attention coming to the conscious. Then goes deeper again, all waves Theta 4 hz and below. Finally a Brief REM at 5.58 on the right side.

Part 2.

Shows some high amplitude Eye and muscle activity at 3.20 (32 minutes into recording)

Part 3.

Shows some Delta, Eye REM and Beta

Click here for Youtube clips from IBVA of subject ‘M’ going to sleep, wearing an IBVA 2 channel EEG monitor.

Nova Dreamer REM biofeedback interface on Luciana ( sleeping )

Originally uploaded by Luciana Brainlady