WaikikiDay 1 :

Time – Id like to begin with one of my favourite TS Elliot quotes about time, but my BCI and Brain-to-internet interaction is multitasking to the max already with browsers open for Flickr uploads, HD video files conversions for uploading, SMS messages, iTunes updates, emails and Myspace !
So it’s really interesting to experience time in a real space, via travel. I left Heathrow 10am Friday morning and I flew 21 hours via San Francisco to Honolulu and arrived 12 hours back in time ( 7pm local Hawaiian time).

So – Aloha Waikiki, a tourist heaven – and thank goodness it means I can go to straight to bed.

Day 2 :

Im in a beach hotel in Waikiki and Im still waking up at 5am before sunrise which is great for the mind, but not so good for the dreams. Brain food is plentiful with sushi-a-go-go everywhere and fruit for my recovery. This is the first time high heels have not been worn all day, I think the flight socks made my feet swell !

Waikiki is a weirdly beautiful and artificially augmented city of predominantly Japanese and USA influence. I have been here before, on a different kind of trip and I really like it. Im not a ‘happy shopper’ in the UK, but here all shopping is spacious, perfumed and amazing – with mini beauty products and mini clothes (I dont fit in the UK lady clothes market) and huge luxury Malls with parrots and intermittent delicate tropical rain blessings. The Olfactory is also very stimulated, unlike Barcelona (my last sejourne), this place smells divine.

Its so clean, even the nasty little ants that internationally and without fail can always locate my secret chocolate supply in my luggage before I do have been given the sack here. I think the next location will be somewhat different in Hilo, with bugs, frogs and dreams on the agenda.

Still letting the lovely jet lag change my mood and energy levels ( I feel great until 10pm) I’ve allowed myself to wander, ending up in The Apple store with the iTouch that wouldnt sync with my Macbook,,, and got lost in the ultimate designed tropical serendipity – The Hilton Hawaiian village. Filming gigantic Koi for hours,, Im sure ill use the footage ! I think I was hypnotised by there sheer size and grace.

I can sleep, i just suddenly lose the ability to think by 10pm so no lucidity yet. However Ive had a few stunning details including a lovely white Owl that came to me last night in a dream and I carried around looking for a place to put it.

A beautiful young lady in the Ala Moana shopping mall told me of her innate ability to dream lucidly and how it scares her, since childhood. We got onto this topic when she politely enquired about the nature of my trip ( unusually not a honeymoon like most others in Waikiki ). Naturally I was really interested to hear her experience ( and jealous), especially as she often ‘sees’ a hand trying to point to something, and a young man in her dreams even tried to reassure her, and not be alarmed ( how delightful. )