The Institute of Unnecessary Research will be participating in Brussels Meets Brighton scintillating week of cutting-edge multimedia performance, gigs and installations.

Between 30th April and the 3rd of May London’s exciting Shunt Lounge (an incredible labyrinth of caves and arches underneath London Bridge station which serves as an artistic playground, a concert venue and a gallery) will host a massive exhibition involving Arts Collectives from Brighton, Brussels and London. The event will incorporate a feast of fascinating performance including: live music, puppetry, dance and physical theatre, video and sound installations, photography, slam poetry, scientists, robotics and more. The themes for the show are: metacommunication, real-time improvisation and inter-cultural understanding. The exploration of these themes will be facilitated by the MetaHub.

From the point of view of the Institute of Unnecessary Research this is an exciting opportunity to investigate the nature of cross cultural, meta collaboration in a grand scale. We will create a temporary unnecessary research facility at Shunt. IUR Dept Heads taking part are: Luciana Haill (Head of Neurtofeedback), Monia Brizzi (Head of Joy) who will be collaborating with Metaluna, Ian Grant (Dept under contemplation), Theresa Sundt (Head of Colour), The Physarum Dynamic, Blay Whitby (Head of Ethics), Ian Helliwell (Associate in Analogue Arts) and Anna Dumitriu (Director of The IUR).

For full details of performances and timings see:
and for how to get there etc