On April 18th I will fly out to Hilo (Big Island), Hawaii to attend an annual and unique workshop for development of Lucid Dreaming in Kalani. I aim through my first hand experience and by extending my network of contacts, to be immersed in an environment with dedicated ‘Oneironauts’ (lucid dreamers). I will keep a record of the group’s achievements and with their consent – monitor their brainwaves (EEG). I will also try to investigate recording a lucid dreamer’s brainwaves whilst communicating with the “waking world”.

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping – so why should sleeping be downtime for artistic yield?

In the 1950s Norbert Wiener developed the field of Cybernetics, coining the term “Cyber” from the Greek ‘to steer’ – to take control. He claims that the quality of man-machine communication influences man’s inner well being. This inspired scientists to think of computer technology as a means to extend human capabilities. As an Interactive Artist EEG monitors are my tools, these ‘Cyber-technologies’ for detecting and amplifying biological signals. My work also encompasses the exploration of States of Consciousness and techniques (such as hypnosis) to master self control, enrich creativity and psychic equilibrium, Brain Computer Interaction (BCI), Esoteric practices, and through lecturing – the context in which Brainwave Music has evolved.

When I return from the workshop I will study the identifiable electrical signatures of Lucid Dreaming, comparing these to others in my ‘Thought Depository’ an online EEG Gallery. Brainwaves are measured in units of Hertz (Hz) the same for quantifying sound, which I give a lot of emphasis to. This is particularly evident whenever I perform for The Future of Sound with the 3D Audioscape sound system.

The new multimedia elements of my project will be made with a programmer creating the Quartz Composer (QC) elements generating the interaction. I will digitally edit footage from the workshop location – video and sounds. The multimedia in the interactive performance allows the audience to explore how effectively we may control an environment from within sleep

This will be an improvised audiovisual coalescence of lucid and real-time EEG. It will be an interactive performance to be experienced live. When recorded the performance will be streamed over the Internet worldwide. It will be disseminated at events where the audiences already expect to participate when I perform, including The Institute for Unnecessary Research in Shunt, London and The Future of Sound in Futuresonic, Manchester.

In 1965 Alvin Lucier composed the first piece of music using human brainwaves as a generative source in ‘Music for Solo Performer’, since then brainwave music has undergone a fascinating evolution. All my work involves brainwaves to facilitate a cybernetic system – of human, machine, information, and the arising contingencies and uncertainties.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”