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Luciana’s work is sharp and inquiring. She sets up performance installations whereby we (the audience) witness her (the artist) undertake elements of experiment and ritual on our behalf. But this  is only half the story, as what the artist does really well is also simultaneously build overarching state changes for us to experience as transformational to our own senses. This blending of putting her  own experiences at stake, in order to then facilitate our own sensory involvement, is a clever mechanism to draw together the science, philosophy and magical elements of her work, in ways that  are as smart as they are generous.

- Robert Pacitti, Artist, Director & Curator – SPILL Festival of Performance

Luciana is an artist augmenting consciousness and is currently in residence in The Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex. The invention of the Electroencephalograph (EEG) for monitoring brainwaves, and its routine employment in medical diagnostics offers raw and quantifiable information about the brain. Not bad for a highly sensitive system invented for more esoteric reasons – to prove to the scientific community the existence of telepathy ! The combination of brainwave monitoring with the early adoption of stroboscopes in neuro-physiological research produced side effects – induced hallucinations named ‘Flicker’. Luciana Haill will give a historical overview, with examples of artistic outcomes, including one of her own – based on flicker with Neurofeedback techniques.

Starts 7pm, Fisher Street Studios, 3 Fisher Street, Lewes, United Kingdom

Book tickets £5 here

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In Conversation in ResonanceFM

Hear me interviewed as part of 6th “Making conversations’ witH Bronac Ferran, Magz Hall, Dianne Harriss Art Director of Kinetica & Mariana Manhaes

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ResonanceFM tuesday 29th October 12pm Live

Luciana Haill @BrainAnalyser

I will be live at 12pm next Tuesday 28.10 from @ResonanceFM with @floatingstones, Magz Hall and Mariana Manhaes from Rio in “Making Conversations”

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Kinetica – Flickering Phrontesterion

October 2014 :
Luciana shows her interactive, participatory artwork in The annual Kinetica Artfair
- a work in progress “Phrontesterion” : a symbiosis of Dreamachine Flicker and Hypnagogic & Hypnopompic feedback of participant’s EEG sonified, in an oil/air-pumped Dentist chair, floats back down, Reverie in Theta waves where time is lost – “I am that I am”… ?

Reactions seen below, reports left in writing reveal loss of sense of realtime, inspiring, rejuvenating, one was too dark ( negative ) and many gratitudes – as accompanied by the EEG shown to onlookers on the laptop ( Prefrontals 1 & 2) – mostly Theta /Alpha… The 12 track layered soundscape is still underconstruction – so mixed reviews to use of voices (mine under modulation and a lady) effected by Beta brainwaves occasionally interrupting the atmosphere ( talking of beliefs about leaving the body and spirit worlds from tribal cultures). Positive response mainly to the hypnotically soothing “I am that I am” female vocal, looped and activated by Theta entrainment ( desired state). Another person was invited to ‘listen in’ to each participant, also helping comparison to the dynamics potentially heard – differing from their interactive audio possibly. Some people were content just with that level of witness, and explanation by myself and assistant present throughout the entire event.

Most participants spent 12-15 minutes in the dentists chair .. raised for correct eye-level to the Nanobulb within the dreamachine postioned in front of them on a trolley, and lowered (Air/oil, smoothly) as we finish the experience, a lovely glide back into a darker reality without flicker. So, most perceived 5 minutes had passed in total, an interesting side-effect of flicker. Two articipants fell asleep and one was watched during the PV night by an audience as he gaped and snored..( photo below ) and we listened in to his deeper, slower EEG sonifications.
More photos Photos by Grete Hjorth-Johansen | ,

Click any photo below to view full size in a new window.


L1150388IMG_6347 L1150409






L1150449 IMG_6368




Click here to view the whole album of over 200 photos : Dreamachine & EEG “Phrontesterion”

“Photos by Grete Hjorth-Johansen |”
“Photos by Grete Hjorth-Johansen |”

“Photos by Grete Hjorth-Johansen |”
“Photos by Grete Hjorth-Johansen |”

Photos by Grete Hjorth-Johansen |









Photos by Grete Hjorth-Johansen |

Click any of the thumbnails to view full size

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EEG artist – video

3 minutes insight into work this year

Made by Mutiny Media, with thanks to The Arts Council

Arts Council of England  - Lottery funded

Arts Council of England – Lottery funded

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Kinetica Art Fair, 16.10.14

16-19th October, I am exhibiting in booth 55, in this year’s 6th Kinetica Art Fair
The Old Truman Brewery,
Shoreditch, London

Come along ! (30% off tickets if you use a promo code – email help(at) )

More : Kinetica Artfair, London :  My “artists talk” about Flicker and EEG, will be 12pm Saturday 18th October… 


SPILL Festival of Performance


IPSWICH, UK |  29 Oct – 2 Nov 2014

Fri 31 Oct 2014, Mirrored Identity parade room, Basement of The Old Police Station – 15:30, 17:00, 40 mins

Haill uses X-rays, Brainwave monitors, Dreamachines, Strobes and 3D plastic doodles in her latest adaption of ‘The Creation of the strobes’ - a Brainwave (EEG) interactive performance that pays homage to ‘The Creation of the birds’ painted by Spanish surrealist artist Remedios Varo (exiled to Mexico in the 1940s). Any /all audio is generative where sounds are triggered and modulated by the artist’s realtime brainwaves, entrained using a hypnotically flickering Dream Machine in the mirrored suspect identity parade room. The atmosphere queried with strobe lights around a classic 8Hz Flicker and she will be drawing her captive fantasies in 3D plastics to further produce and maintain the creative state. Thus bringing it gradually to life, through a contemporary telematic ‘seance’

IMG_5731 IMG_4624L1140897 L1140920





Part of the SPILL National Platform

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